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Which are the Best After Shaves for Women in India in 2019?

by Sanjali M

Which are the Best After shaves for Women in India in 2019? : Shaving or waxing is part of our daily routine but more importantly, we should have a keen eye towards the type of moisturizer we are using on our skin post waxing. Using excessive chemical induced or artificial element containing moisturizer or any other similar product can harm our skin to a large extent, especially on our sensitive areas. Thus, every woman should have a clear idea regarding the correct brand of after shave that must be used post shaving. The term “after shave” is stereotyped to be used mostly for men related skin care products and women really don’t refer to their “moisturizers” as after shaves although that’s exactly how they use it. After shaves consist of an antiseptic that prevents irritation on the skin and properly hydrates the skin after the old layer of skin is peeled off post shaving.  The skin of a women’s leg is drier than a man’s face and hence a proper after shave is needed to keep the skin healthy and moisturized. It leads to new cell revelation and prevents in- growing hair. Following are the 10 best lists of aftershave that can be used by women in India-

  1. Biotique Bio Wild Grass Soothing After Shave Gel:

This after shave gel from Biotique is suitable for men and women and it properly hydrates dry skin after shaving. The product consists of natural elements like turmeric, tender grass, valentine, and aloe vera that leave the skin smooth and moisturized after a waxing session. It prevents the redness that is caused after shaving thereby soothing the skin and preventing any irritation causing bumps. It also soothes the skin, reduces redness, and prevent shaving bumps. It comes in an affordable price and is a must buy for all women.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

2.      Nivea’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm:

Like the previous product, it can be used by both men and women. The product is suitable for sensitive skin as it contains natural elements like Vitamin E, witch hazel, and chamomile oil. This Post Shave Balm protects the skin from the side effects of shaving and gives a soothing and cooling sensation post application. The best results are deciphered when it is applied to freshly shaved areas. It is formulated with no drying alcohol that prevents any kind of irritation. It has a pleasant fragrance after you apply on the shaven parts.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

3.      Gillette, Sensitive Skin After-Shave:

This after-shave lotion from Gillette provides one of the best remedies of skin irritation. You must obviously buy this product as it heavily moisturizes your skin and is also very lightweight to carry around. It contains glycerine agents that reliefs and cools the skin from irritation caused immediately after shaving. Also, if you are not a big of sweet fruity or flowery smells but rather a hard, musky, masculine smell, this product is your next buy.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

4.      Ayca Oudh Wood After-Shave Balm:

This after shave is made from pure aloe vera that hydrates and refreshes the skin.The facial gel is soothing and non-sticky. The facial gel is soothing and non-sticky which makes it easy to use. It heals the cuts and redness caused due to shaving, thus leaving the skin firm and smooth. Combined from pure aloe vera, the balm soothes, hydrates, and refreshes skin. The texture is light and nongreasy made from Oudh wood oil that prevents skin inflammation, bumps and irritation. Also, it does not contain harmful chemicals like Paraben and SLS making it skin friendly.

5.      Shaveworks, The Cool Fix:

The gel lotion gives an amazing calming effect on the skin post-shaving leaving the skin smiling and healthy! It acts as a brilliant ailment on irritated skin. It is a great cooling agent and the salicylic acid contained in the product prevents the emergence of bacteria. The product must be used before going to bed or post waxing. It must be regularly applied in clean, dry areas, to heal skin irritations.

6.      Aveeno, Skin Relief Gentle Scent Lotion, Soothing Oat, and Chamomile:

The Aveeno, Skin Relief lotion is meant for all skin types. Consisting of natural elements like chamomile oil and triple oat complex which perfectly moisturizes, soothes and relives dry, itchy skin. It has a mild and gentle fragrance. The skin remains moisturized for around 24hours.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

7.      Pure Elements After-Shave Lotion:

Want to gift your skin a soothing touch which will further leave it smoother and softer? Then this after shave lotion is your catch.  It also prevents redness and irritation causing shaving bumps. The natural ingredients consisting of olive oil, peppermint oil, aloe vera juice, and Vitamin B5 lends you smooth skin and is suitable for all skin types as it does not cause any side effects. The product is alcohol fee and is dominated by the medicinal properties of Alum- traditionally known to be the best after-shave agent for its astringent properties to close the pores and prevent skin rash. This is a Paraben free product.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

8.     Shea Moisture Soothing Moisturizer:

The Shea Moisture Soothing moisturizes is highly recommended for people with sensitive skin. It acts both as a moisturizer and after-shave. This product prevents the growth of in-grown hair on shaved areas, and deeply moisturizes and hydrates the skin. It leaves behind a mild fragrance which gives you a refreshing feeling all day.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

9.      Amara Organics, Aloe Vera Gel:

It is one of the best moisturizer and after shave available in the market as it contains a heavy concentration of a natural ingredient- Aloe Vera. That to 99% of the entire composition! This unique yet healthy combination relieves the skin from sunburns, post shaving irritations and deeply moisturizes the skin. Not only does the product contain about 99% of aloe vera, it relieves skin from razor burns, sunburns, and moisturizes. It has been highly praised by all customers and it is economically friendly and it magically works on the skin fading age spots, acne, insect bites, and razor burns healing overnight. You must definitely give this product a try.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019?

10. Completely Bare, Don’t Grow There Body Moisturizer & Hair Inhibitor:

The Completely Bare moisturizer has a good name for the right reasons. It correctly heals the cuts and razor burns, cracked skin and properly treats the skin to prevent the growth of bacteria. The product contains CB Tri-Complex and Shea butter which keeps the skin greatly moisturized. Use it twice daily for gaining the best results.

These are the 10 best aftershaves that are available to women in India. Use these products regularly to give your skin a hydrated glow while feeding it with the proper nourishment and moisturization it requires.

Which are the Best Aftershaves for Women in India in 2019? 1


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