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Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes

by Mallika Dharmani

Who is it for? Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes are for those who need on the go facial refreshing wipes.

Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes

Price and Quantity

INR 125 for 1 packet of 30 wipes

How To Use

Just pull out a wipe and use it to wipe your face as desired.

My Experience With Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes


The packaging is a clear winner. The packet is small and compact and you can easily slip it in your purse and carry it around. The pack is violet colored and has a resealable flap on top of it which can be pulled back to take out a wipe. The quality of the flap is really nice and the flap seals back tightly even after repeatedly opening it.


The wipes are really soft and thin. The feel gentle on the skin and you can perform some light rubbing action to remove all your makeup without the cloth being rough on your skin. The wipes are moist and nice and don’t dry out even after you are done cleaning your entire face.


The wipes smell really nice and fresh and it doesn’t have sharp notes to its fragrance. In fact it smells like a light note aqua perfume which smells fresh and there is a hint of that chamomile scent.

Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes 3

Experience- Half my packet of these wipes is used up so I think il let you know how these wipes are. The size of the wipes is appropriate enough to cover your entire face and doesn’t dry out soon. Like some of the other wipes which feel a bit soapy, this wipes don’t leave that feeling behind. Once you are done wiping your face it sure does make your skin oil-free for some time and refreshes your skin without giving you a stretchy feel. Now, these wipes also claim to be mattifying and yes they do mattify your skin by cleaning off all that excess oil and sebum.

If I talk about how successfully it removes makeup then it does a good job at removing your everyday makeup of a light foundation base, a lipstick, and blusher. Removing the kohl from your eyes might be a bit tricky as the wipes are really wet so some liquid might seem into your eyes so in my opinion don’t push these wipes into your eyes to remove your kohl. It takes a lot more time to remove all those glittery eyeshadows though so if you are coming back after a party this won’t make your face completely free of glitter. It removes those heavy eyeshadows only till an extent.

Kaya Refreshing Mattifying Wipes 4

Pros -
  1. Removes oil effectively
  2. Cleanses the everyday makeup like a pro
  3. Doesn’t make the skin dry or stretchy
  4. Appropriate size
  5. Remains wet enough till you are done cleaning your face
  6. Portable to carry around
  7. Smells refreshing
  8. Affordable buy
  1. Taking off the glitter residue might not be a problem but then these are not makeup removal wipes but I thought I should let you people know 🙂
Would I repurchase and recommend?

Definitely, this is a really good product.

Rating- 4.5

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Sreeparna Ganguly September 28, 2017 - 10:32 AM

It’s really a mattifying wipe. I will have to try this. Most other wipes make my face more oily..

Mallika September 28, 2017 - 11:52 AM

well this made my face oil free for a good couple of hours. However I dont have a oily skin so if you do, share how mattifying these turned out to be for you 🙂


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