You Will Love these French Manicure Ideas 2019 !

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You Will Love these French Manicure Ideas 2019! French manicure is an evergreen manicure style that never goes out of trend. This is like an anytime-anywhere kind of nail style with simple yet classy looks. French nails are great for day to day workplace nails; it looks equally good for your semiformal occasions, parties or special days. Though this specific style of manicure is called ‘French’, it is not connected to the country France. This is a contemporary nail style introduced by Jeff Pink, founder of the world famous nail brand Orly, in the late 70’s. Inspired by the simple French manicure style, these days various innovative manicures are done over the world. Here are some simple, classy, funky and crazy French nail ideas for you!

1 Classic French Manicure

This is the original form of French manicure where the entire nail is painted with fleshy pink or neutral color and the tip is painted with pure white. Some also like to flaunt their natural nail tint; they don’t use any pink or nude nail paint as the base.  This style is definitely ageless!

You Will Love these French Manicure Ideas 2019 ! 8

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  1. Gel French Manicure with Nail Art on the Tip

This is a funky French manicure style. Instead of pure white French tips this style makes use of colored polishes. The tips are also decorated with brush-work nail arts for extra oomph. This look comes out more beautiful with gel polishes. Gel polishes are long-lasting and lustrous.

You Will Love these French Manicure Ideas 2019 !

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  1. Peacock Feather French Nails

Instead of symmetric shaped French tips this creative style is way more beautiful and unique. Here the traditional tip shape is replaced with intricate peacock feather designs in the form of nail art. With added ombre effect the look becomes even more gorgeous.

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  1. French Manicure with Glitter Tips

This is one of those simple French nails that anybody can do on their own with a little practice. Here the base nail shade is that typical nude pink but the tips are painted with silver glitters. You can also choose other colors for glitter tips. Purple, Black, copper or even fuchsia looks great. To highlight the tips, use a pure white nail paint to create a band between the base color and the tip.

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  1. Wine Red accented French nails

Accented French nails look really trendy and they are quite easy to do. Use flash colours instead of white tips to bring out a vibrant look. Wine red or Burgandy tips are awesome for Indian festivities. It is also a popular bridal manicure style.

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  1. Studded French Manicure

This particular variety of manicure uses nail art stone studs on the tip where the pure white French tip is created. The shades of the glitter studs enhance the base nail shade. This manicure looks equally good on classic French manicure and well as colored manicures.

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  1. Reverse French Manicure

This is a contemporary style of French manicure where the color diversion is created at the base of the nail bed instead of the tips. The tip here is in the reverse side and that’s where the name comes from. This is muted and sophisticated style but you can always amp it up with bright colors.

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  1. French Nails with Pastel Tips

If you want a bright French nail without going overboard with glitters or studs, this is the best option. Here the tips are painted with vibrant pastel shades. Each nail is painted with a different shade for a multicolor look.

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  1. Ombre French Manicure with Mirror Chrome Finish

This nail style brings together the best of ombre effect and mirror finish nails in a single manicure with French tips. Here a gradient is created with the white tip shade and the fleshy nude base shade using the ombre effects. Chrome finish is added to the nails using a shiny mirror finish top coat. For a more elegant look, you can try simple nail arts over it.

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