Why Does My Belly Button Smell?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Why Does My Belly Button Smell? Belly button is actually a deep scar in the middle portion of your belly. When we were babies and staying in our moms’ womb, we had a special body part called umbilical cord to maintain a connection with our moms’ body. This path was used to supply various essential nutrients in our body so that we can stay alive and grow. When we come out of the womb, we do not need this cord anymore and that’s why this umbilical cord is cut off and we get a permanent scar on our belly in the form of the belly button. Belly button goes quite deep from our skin’s surface and it is a place we often miss when we are doing our day to day body care routine. It often causes bad poop like the smell in our belly button. Those who have piercings in their belly button are more prone to developing such foul odor in the belly button. Here are some causes and simple home remedies to treat smelly belly button.

Reasons behind Smelly Belly Button

# Poor Hygiene

Our belly button is a home for more than 65 benign bacteria and fungus. Lack of proper hygiene helps these microbes to multiply at an alarming rate. These germs get fed on dirt accumulated in the navel and cause degenerative reactions on these accumulated substances. This is one of the main reasons behind the smelly belly button.

# Accumulation of Sweat and Lint

We live in a subtropical country and humidity is often far above the bearable limit. To cope up with the heat and to cool down our body, our skin excretes excess water in the form of sweat through the small pores on our skin. Water mixed with other organic substances constitutes sweat and sweat is a favorite food for many germs. Sweat, in contact with air and contaminating germs, cause a foul odor in the belly button.

# Residue of Skincare

Every day we use certain body care products to maintain basic hygiene. These skin cares include body washes, body lotions, mists, etc. Many of the personal care products promise hydrated skin and to keep the skin hydrated it keeps the skin moist for long. Our belly button is already a deep area so it does not need that much moisturization on a daily basis. Naturally, the trapped remains of body lotions and washes get contaminated by bacteria easily in the moist environment of belly and cause odor.

# Remains of Perfume

Perfumes are supposed to keep us free from body odor but their activity period is limited to a few hours. After their effective period, the chemicals in the perfumes start degenerating. Sweat, mixed with perfume, quickens the process. As a result, we get a smelly belly button instead of good smelling skin.

Why Does My Belly Button Smell?

Simple Home Remedies to Get Rid of Smelly Belly Button

# Regular Exfoliation

Daily exfoliation is a mandatory thing to treat smelly belly button. Belly button goes deep into the skin so it needs to be exfoliated frequently than the rest of the body. Never use a fragrant product to exfoliate the skin of the belly button. Take a warm bath and then use a thin muslin washcloth to gently scrub the sensitive skin. You can also try baking soda + lemon scrub for this.

# Calamine Pack

Calamine is by far the best mineral clay to get rid of excess oil from the skin with minimal residue. Its purifying actions help in fighting odor-producing microbes. To prepare this pack take ½ teaspoon calamine powder and add an adequate amount of water to get the paste consistency. Use this before bath and follow it up with exfoliation routine.

# Essential Oil Spray Mists

Instead of using chemical-laden perfumes and body mists, shift to homemade aromatherapeutic body fragrances. You can prepare these body fragrances on your own using essential oils of your choice. These are far more economical and gentle on the skin. These will not cause accumulation and foul odor. Take 50ml purified water in a spray bottle and add 8-10 drops of your favorite essential oil and use it as your go-to body deodorant.


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