Which are the Best Eyebrow Shaper Machines in India ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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Which are the Best Eyebrow Shaper Machines in India? Eyebrows play a major part in our overall look. They frame our eye contour; give a groomed look to the light reflecting high points of our forehead and aids to the sharp appearance of our nose. Properly shaped eye brows help to achieve a groomed and polished look to our facial features. That is why eyebrow shaping is a must-do for every woman. Eyebrow shaping is gaining popularity among men as well. There are multiple ways of getting rid of unwanted hair from the brows. These include threading, waxing, shaving, permanent hair removal using laser etc. Threading and waxing are two traditional ways of brow shaping and these remove hair from the root. The effect with these lasts up to 3-4 weeks. Generally these techniques are done by professionals at salons and the outcomes of waxing or threading depends fully on the skill level of the salon lady. Shaving eye brows at home often feels far better option when you are in a hurry or you don’t want to visit salon frequently. There are two ways to shave your brows; one would be using facial razors and the other one is using electric brow trimmer machines. Electric Eye brow trimmers either come in a battery operated form or in a chargable form. They are safer than razors as they do not have sharp blades like face razors. Here are some good quality eye brow shapers available in India.

# Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

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Price- Rs.2250

This is a battery-operated wet and dry trimmer for eyebrow and bikini hair removal. It provides high precision shaving experience without the risk of cuts or wounds. This particular device comes with 7 accessories including eyebrow trimming comb attachment, and shaving attachments. This one is also able to remove bikini hair with maximal precision. This amazing styling tool also works for upper lip and sideburn hair of the face.

# Braun Silk Epil Bikini Styler FG1100

Which are the Best Bikini Razors in India 2019 ? 1

Price- Rs.1895


Braun makes some amazing epilators for body hair removal and this new addition to their popular Silk Epil range is an awesome product. This is one of the best choices for bikini and facial hair removal. This female grooming tool comes with two separate shaving heads; one for bikini and the other is for eyebrow. The kit contains two different comb attachments for eyebrow and facial hair removal. You can easily get rid of your peach fuzz without any pains using this.

# Panasonic Facial Trimmer ES2113P/401

Panasonic Facial Trimmer ES2113P/401

Price- Rs.1895

This is a sleek pen style battery operated trimmer dedicated to facial hair removal and eyebrow shaping. This is a cordless device that easily fits into your beauty kit. This one has two attachments for precise eyebrow shaping and slim microfine 0.1mm blades for removing thin and sparse facial hair. The blade of this trimmer has a unique pivoting mechanism to make the blade to tilt up to 10 degrees. This one also has dual-comb attachments for easy eyebrow shaping.

# Vega VHBT-01 Silky Touch Hair Trimmer

Vega VHBT-01 Silky Touch Hair Trimmer

Price- Rs.1099

This is the most pocket-friendly branded facial trimmer available in India. This is a battery-operated trimming device. This is perfect for trimming and shaving facial hair, eyebrows, underarm and bikini area. This one comes with two different trimming heads; one for body hair and the precise one is for facial hair and eyebrows. It also has two comb attachments for trimming eyebrows. This one is very similar to the Veet Trimmer both performance-wise and mechanism wise. Plus, it is cheaper than the Veet one.

# Syska Sensosafe FT2309 Female Trimmer

Syska Sensosafe FT2309 Female Trimmer

Price- Rs.1599

This one is one of the newly launched styling tools from Syska. This one is specially made for shaving hair from sensitive areas of the body like the face and bikini area. This one is also a battery-operated device like most other eyebrow shaping devices and this one also comes with two separate attachments for bikini and brows. This device has micro-cutting blades to ensure a close shave and an ergonomic angled design for reaching the corners of the face and eye contour.

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