Which are Best Facial Cleansing Brushes 2019 ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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India is a sub-tropical country and here the pollution index is high around the year. Certainly, these things affect our overall health and also our skin. Whatever may be your skin type, the need for a good face cleanser is on top priority when it comes to our skincare. A quality face cleanser should be able to get rid of dirt, accumulated sebum, the residue of makeup and acne-causing bacteria. Oftentimes purifying cleansers are harsh on the skin so we prefer milder cleansers. Milder cleansers are not able to deep cleanse our face on their own. Face cleansing brushes come handy at such times. Face cleansing brushes provide a mild exfoliating action along with the cleansing effect. It increasing the cleansing property of the facial cleanser used along with it. There are generally two categories of facial cleansing brushes; electric ones and mechanical ones. Electric face cleansing brushes are battery-operated automatic brushes and the mechanical ones are like toothbrushes and need hand strokes. Here is some good quality face cleansing brushes.

# Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Clarisonic Mia Prima Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

This is an electric face cleansing device for deep pore cleansing. It removes makeup residues and helps in unclogging the pores. It reduces dullness and uneven textures on the skin. It gives glowing skin free from acne breakouts. This brush has a rechargeable battery with USB recharging facility. It also offers some additional cleansing, foundation application and face tightening massager’s heads.

Price- $99

# Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

# Clinique Sonic System Purifying Cleansing Brush

This is again a sonic brush with mild vibration actions. It is a battery-operated spin cleansing brush that gives clean smooth and texture free skin. There are 4-5 different cleansing heads for different skin types. The cleansing heads have angular tilted heads to cleanse the steep corners and t-zone of the face. This device has innate anti-microbial technology to keep the bristles free from germs.

Price- $45 (for the Device) & $27 (for cleansing heads)

# Vega VHFC-01 Facial Cleanser

Vega VHFC-01 Facial Cleanser

This is the most easily available and pocket-friendly spin face cleanser from the brand Vega. This gives gentle exfoliation and provides deep cleansing. This one comes in a kit containing one chargeable rotating device and three separate cleansing heads. Two of them are for face cleansing (for normal and sensitive skin) and the third head is a latex sponge head for light facial massage and smoothening.

Price- Rs.1999

# Braun 810 Face Mini Epilator + Cleansing Brush

# Braun 810 Face Mini Epilator + Cleansing Brush

This is like a one-step face spa kit that comes with a facial cleansing head and a small facial hair epilator. You can use it for your daily facial cleansing routine. It will give a purifying effect and help to unclog pores. It can also be used to shape eyebrows and to get rid of the upper lip and sideburn peach fuzz. Its facial cleansing head is replaceable. You can buy refills of facial cleanser head according to your skin type.

Price- Rs.4900

# The Body Shop Facial Brush

The Body Shop Facial Brush 3

This is a round-shaped soft-bristled brush for face cleansing. This one is not an electrical device so it does not require batteries or power connections. It lightly defoliates the skin and gets rid of accumulated dead skin cells and superficial impurities. This is a pocket-friendly and travel-safe alternative for expensive spin face brushes.

Price- Rs.265

# Panache Face Wash Brush

Panache Face Wash Brush Review 5

This is a soft mechanical face cleansing brush that provides gentle exfoliation. It helps to keep the pores clean and also reduces the appearance of pores. It is best suited on oily, normal, combination and dry skin.

Price- Rs.199

# Vega FB-02 Facial Brush

Vega FB-02 Facial Brush

Made from superior quality soft bristles, this vega brush deep cleanses facial skin and gets rid of bacteria growths and accumulated sebum. This one comes with a safety cap to keep the bristles germ free.

Price- Rs.140


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