What is Boro Plus Olive Oil & Grapes Body Lotion Review

by Anshika Saxena
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Who is it for? Boro Plus Olive Oil & Grapes Body Lotion is for those who prefer their lotions to smell good and at the same time nourish the body well.


MRP ₹85 for 100ml

How to use it?

Right after you shower, apply this lotion all over your body.

Boro Plus Olive Oil & Grapes Body Lotion

My experience with Boro plus olive oil & grapes body lotion


This lotion comes in a white sturdy plastic bottle with a flip open cap that will not come undone on its own making it travel-friendly. All the ingredients and expiry dates are mentioned on the bottle itself.

Consistency and fragrance

The consistency of this lotion is not too thick or too runny. The application is easy and gets absorbed into the skin quickly. It won’t make your skin greasy or oily at all. The fragrance of this lotion is outstanding also it will stay for almost 2-3 hours.

What does it claim?

It claims- 24H moisturization, hydrated, refreshed skin. Makes skin soft and supple.

Does it work- NO! Sorry to disappoint you but it won’t keep your skin moisturized for 24H. Yes, it does make your skin soft but that soft skin won’t last the whole day.

My experience

I am in love with its fragrance. One day I applied this lotion all over my body right after stepping out from the shower and immediately wore my clothes and rushed out. I came back after 4-5hours and the smell of this moisturizer was still there. I was amazed. I never expected a drugstore moisturizer to perform this well. To test its moisturizing abilities, I applied it on my elbows (one of the driest parts of my body) and it kept them moisturized for 1.5 hours after that I could see dry flaky skin again. A 20ml cocoa lotion is free with this moisturizer but that lotion is pathetic. I kept it in my other bag and forgot to use it, the oils of that lotion separated from the cream and it started stinking after 3-4 months and I had to throw it away.

Boro Plus Olive Oil & Grapes Body Lotion 1


  1. Very pleasing and long-lasting smell.
  2. Affordable
  3. Makes your skin soft.
  4. Easily available.


  1. This lotion won’t keep your skin moisturized for the whole day. In fact your skin will start to feel dry again after 2-3 hours only.

Would I recommend?

Yes. It is a very good affordable moisturizer plus the fragrance is amazing.



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