What are Ways to Reuse Old & Dried Eye and Lip Makeup ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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What are Ways to Reuse Old & Dried Eye and Lip Makeup? Let’s face the truth makeup is not at all a cheap thing in India. Even the most basic makeup items from any reputed brand will cost you a considerate amount of money. Being a hot and humid country, India’s makeup lover population are not very much comfortable with heavy full coverage base makeup on a daily basis. But they do like eye and lip makeup products intensely. Although an average eye or lip makeup item looks small, it is quite a difficult thing to get over with each lipstick or eyeliner in your stash entirely within its expiration period. If you calculate thoroughly you would be astonished to look at the cost of the makeup items you are just throwing out after their lifetime is over. You can save a lot if you learn some simple tricks to reuse your old makeup. Here are some amazing DIY makeup reuse recipes for you!

What are Ways to Reuse Old & Dried Eye and Lip Makeup ?

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Ways of Reusing Old Lip Makeup

# Tinted Lip Balm from Old Lipstick

This is a great way to revive the remains of your favorite lip color even after its expiry. Just make sure that your lipstick is not giving out awkward smell or any appearance of fungal inhabitation. Take a small pot of petroleum jelly or any colorless lip balm and depot it into a container. Take the remains of lipstick in the same vessel, melt and mix both the ingredients. Store it in the petroleum jelly pot and let it cool down to get your own lip balm.

# Cream Blush from Liquid or Mousse Lipsticks

Liquid lipsticks and mousse form lipsticks get crumbly and dry when they are exposed to air or they reach the expiry. Take your regular face moisturizer and add the desired amount of liquid lipstick in it. Mix vigorously so that the liquid lipstick blends properly with the moisturizer. Keep it in an airtight container and you will get your very own cream blush!

# Cuticle Softener from Old Lip Balm

Lip balms are quite nourishing and most of the time they are made with gentle moisturizing ingredients. They can easily replace your expensive cuticle softeners and cuticle oils. The cuticle is just dead skin chances of adverse reactions is less even if your lip balm is expired.

# Highlighter from Metallic Lipsticks & Lip Glosses

Metallic lipsticks can make excellent facial highlighters as the glitter particles in lipsticks are very finely milled. Mix the lip liquid with your facial oil or moisturizer and your new highlighter will be ready to use!

# Custom Lipstick from Old Lip Colours

This is a very old trick to make your own lip color from your not-so-favorite lip makeup items. The hack is very simple. Gather your lip colors together in a glass or steel container and melt them together. Mix well and your new lip color will be ready.

Ways of Reusing Old Eye Makeup

# Nail Paint from Expired Eye Shadow & Pressed Glitters

Pressed or loose glitter eye shadows easily get expired because they are needed in a minuscule amount for each application. To revive those expensive eye glitters you can make your colourless nail paints glittery. Just add adequate amount of glitter in a tint-less nail paint; you can even add glitter on top of your nail paint to give it a glitter topcoat finish.

# Powder Blush from Eye Shadows

Bring some colour to your cheeks with this trick. If you have some rosy pink, red, coral or even flesh-toned eye shadows mix them with baby powder. It will give a nice warm flush to your cheeks.

# Bronzer, Contour & Banana Powder from Assorted Eye Shadows

If you have a bunch of cool-toned brown eye shadows lying around, mix them together and you will get your custom bronzer. Add some baby powder and deep brown eye shadow to the bronzer to make it a contour powder. You can make your custom banana powder for face baking by mixing a pinch of turmeric to some baby powder and light eye shadows that wash you out.

# Glow Primer from Glitter Eye Shadows

Mix some golden or champagne glitter pressed powders or eye shadows with a mixture of glycerine and aloe vera gel. Use this as the primer before makeup and see how dewy your foundation will look. You can use this with a drop of BB cream to get a no-makeup look.

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