What are Wardrobe Essentials for Fall ?

by Ritika Singhi
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What are Wardrobe Essentials for Fall? Fall is one of the most awaited seasons of the year. The weather is pleasant and it is also the onset of festive and holiday season. With the onset of this season, you get to experiment and try interesting clothing combinations which have been ignored all year in your wardrobe. There are a number of wardrobe essentials which are a must have for this season. Some of the wardrobe essentials for fall which will help in defining your look in this season have been mentioned below.

Wide leg pants

The wide leg pants are one of the most stylish and interesting picks for fall. They have a very fashionable and interesting look which can be teamed up with crop tops or shirts and may or may not be tucked in. You can also team it up with a lovely blazer or jacket. It is a great pick for the season of fall.

A plain white shirt

This is one of the wardrobe essentials which I would ask everyone to have in their closet irrespective of the season. A crisp white tee can do wonders to your look and is perfect wear at all times. You can team it up with a skirt, jeans, culottes or any other lower. You can accessorize the look with a lovely pair of earrings or an eye-catching belt. A white tee can never go wrong.

High waist jeans

The denim are one of those lowers which are needed at all time. You may not want to wear denim during the months of summers and monsoon but it is a must-have for autumn. The high waist denim are a must have for fall this year. They look smart and appealing. You can team this up with interesting tees.

A denim dress

Denim look is never out of fashion or outdated. It is I would say one of the safest looks you can opt for. You can choose to pick a simple denim dress for the season of fall. You can combine it with a scarf for a dressy and smart look.


Boots are one of my favorite footwear but given the weather conditions of the country, I get to use them the least. You must have a smart and interesting pair of boots in your wardrobe. They can be worn with all types of clothing’s and are comfortable. They are a must-have for the season of fall.

Ballet flats

Valleys are one of the most comfortable and easy to wear footwear for any girl. You can wear them to any place including work and parties. You shall definitely have a pair of these flats for autumn. They will definitely add a smarter look to your entire closet.

Lightweight jacket or blazer

Since the weather is pleasant during the season of fall you can always choose the layering concept of dressing. You can add a simple light weighted jacket or blazer to your look. It is a wonderful way to add a smart and fashionable look in the simplest way possible. You shall try to have neutral colors of the jacket as they can be easily mixed and matched with different clothes.

Ankle length dress

Ankle length dress is one of my most favorite and appealing dresses for the season of fall this year. It gives you a very smart and trendy look. You can team this up with boots and a lovely bag. If you want you can even accessorize it with a lovely belt. It is one of the most haves for autumn.

A big solid color bag

A bag is one of the most important accessories for the girl. There are times when you don’t realize that the bag plays a very important role in giving you a complete and interesting look. My pick for the season of fall would be a largely neutral color bag. I have this fascination with big bags and I think it is a must-have for fall this year. Gloves

Gloves are one of the best accessories for your palms and can be worn only during the months of fall and winter. You must have a pair of gloves in your wardrobe for the season of fall. I usually prefer the leather gloves over the woolen ones as they can be worn during fall and they have the ability to blend easily with various outfits.

Scarves and stoles

What are Wardrobe Essentials for Fall ?

Personally, I love the concept of carrying a scarf or a stole and giving my outfit a new look every time. Scarves and stoles are a must have for the autumn months. You can keep a couple of them which can include solid colors, floral prints and various other designs. They can also be draped and carried in interesting ways.


Mufflers are one of the accessories which most of us do not think is important but they are one of the coolest accessories for the season of fall. It is a must have for all those who love to dress according to the seasons and the most appropriate and apt accessories.


Socks are a must have in your wardrobe not only for the purpose of style and fashion but also because they keep your feet well protected in the season. I love the socks which come in different designs and looks. The socks are quirky, fun and are a great way to add a different look to your appearance.

This are a few wardrobe ideas for fall and a must have for the season as well. With these in your wardrobe you can team them interestingly and have a new look every time.

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