What are the Benefits of Lime Juice for Pregnant Women ?

by Shivanshi Tomer
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What are the Benefits of Lime Juice for Pregnant Women? Pregnancy is probably the happiest and most crucial stage in a woman’s life. This delicate phase of life needs to be handled with care in order to keep both the baby and mum healthy. As a new life grows inside you, the nutritional requirements of the body changes. You need to keep a track of what all you eat and inculcate healthy eating habits in your diet to fulfill the requirements. Lemon juice plays an important part here, with tons of benefits for an expecting mother, it offers the following-

Lemon Juice Side Effects

  • Rich source of Vitamin C

During pregnancy, women usually suffer from Vitamin C deficiency. In order to cater to the vitamin requirement of the body, lime juice is a healthy option. Include one glass of lime juice in your diet daily and stay away from any kind of deficiencies.

  • Relieves morning sickness

Majority of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness and it is indeed a dreadful experience. You feel nauseous all the time and your guts literally come out by vomiting every second day. An easy and healthy solution to this problem is a glass full of lemon juice. It does wonders by not only changing the taste of your mouth but also prevents your body from getting dehydrated.

  • A cure for constipation

After a few months of pregnancy, you might feel constipation and indigestion coming your way. It comes and goes in waves and adds up to the already existing pile of problems. You can regulate your bowel movement during pregnancy by including a glass of lime juice in your daily routine.

  • Amazing antioxidant

It becomes necessary to flush out toxins from the body especially during pregnancy to keep both the baby and the mother away from complications. As limes contain Vitamin C, they act as amazing oxidants by cleaning your system and flushing out toxins from time to time.

  • Keeping blood pressure in check

For those women who suffer from high blood pressure, a glass of lemon juice is a true savior. It not only keeps your blood pressure in check but also helps in lowering it. By making the blood vessels soft, lime removes their rigidity and thus rules out the possibility of high blood pressure.

  • Gives a boost to the immune system

Our immune system is the first line of defense against diseases. Thus, keeping it healthy would ensure that we keep away from diseases. Drinking a glass of water daily would give a boost to your immune system and would also prevent you from catching diseases such as flu, fever and the common cold.

  • Healthy Bones

A woman’s body is required to carry a baby for around 9 months and for that it is required that her bones remain healthy and strong. As lemon water is a good source of magnesium and calcium, it would keep bones healthy and strong.

  • The best solution for swollen feet

Pregnant women usually observe swelling in their feet which could be a painful experience. Here too, lime juice offers the best solution to cure the swelling and relieve pain.

  • Eases labor

By consuming a glass of lime juice mixed in lukewarm water and topped with a spoonful of honey from the fifth month of pregnancy until the last could help in easing labor pain. Though most women experience excruciating levels of pain while childbirth, lemon juice could help in easing it to some extent.

  • Prevents urinal infections

For an expecting mother, it is necessary to keep away from all kinds of infections to keep herself and her baby healthy. UTI also called urinary tract infections are easily caught by women and could be dreadful. You can ensure you keep away from this by including a glass of lime water in your diet.

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