What are Some Great Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls?

by Aditi Bansal
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What are Some Great Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls? Hey lovely readers. Girls nowadays are super conscious about their body shape. They even start getting conscious about what to wear and what not to. My very first advice to all the girls out there irrespective of their sizes and shapes that the most beautiful thing that you all can wear and will suit all is a pretty smile. So, don’t forget to put a smile on. My next advice would be a number of outfit ideas that would suit well on every curvy girl out there.

  1. Bodycon dress

What are Some Great Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls?

If you all really want to enhance your body structure in an outfit you gotta go for a bodycon dress. It just gives your body a really nice shape and makes you look super hot at the same time. Some girls are really conscious about wearing body fit clothes, well, don’t be. It will only enhance the shape of your body.

  1. Skirts are your friends

What are Some Great Outfit Ideas for Curvy Girls?

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Skirts are every girl’s best friend. Curvy girls hesitate to wear outfits like skirts thinking they are only meant for slim girls. Let me tell you, they are not. Skirts make you look slimmer and adds a nice cute look to your boring outfit.

  1. High waist jeans

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High waist jeans are such a blessing to the girls having a little curvy body figure. Girls fear to wear jeans when they are not in good shape but this problem is solved. Wear high waist jeans with crop tops, shirts, knotted tops or even normal t-shirts. It would give a nice shape to your booty and makes you look slimmer.

  1. Peplum tops

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Peplum tops are love. They are great for every girl having heavy busts and an arch glassed figure. It not only gives a good shape to your body but also helps to make you look slim and sexy. They are really stylish and hence, highly recommended.

  1. Yoga pants/ treggings

Image Credit: Denim Crush

Well, I am not asking you to do yoga if you don’t feel like but you can always wear yoga pants to get that sexy look and give good shape to your legs. Yoga pants or treggings are really skinny and would just make you feel like they are a part of your skin. They help in making your legs look lean and gives your butt a nice shape.

  1. Any BLACK outfit

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Who doesn’t love black? Well, I have a whole lot of black dresses, tops etc in my wardrobe and I would say, they are still not enough. Black is love. Have you ever wondered why? Why all the people suddenly look super attractive in black? Well the answer is it makes you look slim. Black color helps in making you look slimmer by adding shadows to the outlines of your body. So, wanna look slim, go for a black outfit and you are good to go.

  1. Stripes(vertical) would do the trick

Image Credit: Bohoo

Stripes are really in fashion these days. I love solid colored clothes but whenever I wanna go for a design I go with stripes. Stripes would make you look taller and hence, would reduce a good amount of weight from your body making you look slimmer as well. Either go for striped pants or shirts or dresses. They all would work well. But remember VERTICAL STRIPES and not the horizontal ones.

  1. Side slit maxi dress

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Maxi dresses are really cool and breezy and makes you feel so light. But girls with curvy body structure are not really maxi dresses even if they want to as they make them look shorter and fat. But here’s the secret, you can wear a maxi with side slit and your problem is solved

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