What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ?

by Ritika Singhi
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What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? Most of us love jewelry and we love to wear them as well. While there are a wide range of pretty jewelry pieces and styles available, one of the classiest and attractive jewelry would be the traditional jewelry. Todes are one of those jewelry pieces which are pretty, rich and classy. They are gold kadas which are mainly worn in the southern and western India. They are available in a number of amazing designs and some of these designs have been discussed below.

  1. Diamond todes

Diamonds are often referred to as a girl’s best friend. Diamond todes are one of those todes which are best suited for girls who love the sparkling and shining look of diamonds on their wrists. A large variety of designs are available in the diamond todes and you can pick the todes according to the number and size of diamonds which you would want in your todes.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ?

  1. Pearl todes

Pearls are one of the most elegant and classy ways in which you can give your jewelry the most amazing look. The addition of pearls to the traditional todes will give them a classy and new look. It is a great way to add a touch of elegance to the traditional todes.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 1

  1. Net todes

Net tode is one of the most intricate and appealing designs which you can choose for your todes. You will love this design of todes if you are fond of something which is different, intricate and interesting. It is one of the most appealing designs you can choose for bridal or any other occasion for the tode.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 2

  1. Shiny tode

The shiny tote is a simple, classy and a perfect design for todes if you choose to wear them on a daily basis. The todes are simple with a glossy finish to it. It is simple yet attractive design which you can pick for your wrists. It is the best design if you want to wear todes on a regular basis.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 3

  1. Stones todes

The stone todes are fancy and fashionable tode designs. You can choose different colour of stones or a single colour of stone for the designing of the tode. You will find interesting and appealing designs of the stone todes and with different arrangements and placements of stones on the tode. You can pick the best design according to your choice and preference.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 4

  1. Bird design tode

Bird design for the tode is a classy and evergreen design for the tode. It looks appealing and eye-catching. You will find a variety of interesting bird designs for the tode. You can pick the best one according to your choice.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 5

  1. Meenakari tode

The meenakari design for your todes is a great way to enhance the look and design of the tode. It adds an interesting and appealing look to the traditional tode and makes it all the more appealing and eye-catching.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 6

  1. Antique flower design tode

The antique flower design for a tode is the best red for anyone who wants a traditional and an antique touch to the design of the tode. It is a pretty and attractive piece of jewelry for your wrists. You can design the flowers and their placement on the tode according to your like and dislike. It is a pretty and a different tode design.

What are some Beautiful Tode Designs ? 7

What are the things you shall keep in mind while designing a tode?

While designing anything there are a few factors which you shall keep in mind. Some of the important points to consider while designing a tode have been mentioned below:

  1. You shall keep in mind the look of your wrist and what suits it
  2. The use of the tode: if you are designing a tode for a special occasion or for everyday use
  3. The kind of tode you want and the design which you like

Once you are sorted, you can pick the best tode design for your wrists and enhance them.

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