What are some Beautiful Lehenga Saree Designs ?

by Ritika Singhi

What are some Beautiful Lehenga Saree Designs? We usually try to come up with ideas that are creative, different and absolutely stunning while designing our dresses or while picking up a dress we are picky and want something which is not common and looks different. For all of you looking for something different and interesting for an occasion or a function, a lehenga saree would be a great option. It is a lehenga which can be worn like a saree. It may be customized or you may have to drape it yourself. It is a trendy way of combining two different ethnic outfits. It looks absolutely stunning. There are different types of lehenga sarees which are available and can be worn. Some of the different types of lehenga sarees have been mentioned below.

  1. Net lehenga saree

Net lehenga saree

Image Credit : Indiamart

A net lehenga saree is made of the material of net. It is also one of the most commonly found lehenga sarees. The net material is one of the easiest for draping a lehenga saree and it also has the best look and fall. You will find a wide variety in this option and you can pick the one which you find the most attractive.

  1. White lehenga saree

White lehenga saree

Image Credit :Pinterest

The white color has its own beauty and charm. It never disappoints you and always gives a wonderful look. You can pick a lovely white lehenga saree and look absolutely ravishing. You can pick a simple one with a border or something which has embellishments. If you are a white lover then you can definitely not miss this lovely lehenga saree.

  1. Silk lehenga saree

Silk lehenga saree

Image Credit : Pinterest

A silk lehenga saree is a rich and classy looking lehenga saree. It gives you a traditional look. If you are looking for a lehenga saree which is traditional and not too stylish or does not have too much work on it, then this would be the best pick for you.

  1. Embroidery lehenga saree

Embroidery lehenga saree

The embroidered lehenga saree is evergreen and classy lehenga saree. You will find a wide range of interesting and beautiful embroidery designs while browsing for your lehenga saree. You can pick the one which appeals you the most. It is a perfect lehenga saree for girls who want a classy and a not too fancy lehenga saree.

  1. Pastel color lehenga saree

Pastel color lehenga saree

The pastel colors have a look which can definitely not be matched by the other colors. They are soft, stylish and extremely attractive. You can pick a lovely lehenga saree in the shades of pastel color. It would be a very feminine looking and attractive lehenga saree which you will love to wear.

  1. Lehenga saree with a belt

Lehenga saree with a belt

Image Credit :Theweddingbrigade

Many of us like to wear a belt with a saree and give it a more stylish and fashionable look. You can do the same with a lehenga saree. You can pick a lovely lehenga saree and accessorize it with a lovely belt. It looks young and stylish.

  1. All red lehenga saree

All red lehenga saree

Image Credit : Atmee

Red is an extremely attractive and powerful color. You can pick an all-red outfit for your beautiful lehenga saree. It looks absolutely gorgeous. It is a perfect pick for the girls who love to wear bright colored outfits. You will definitely look stunning in this pretty red outfit.

What shall you keep in mind while picking a lehenga saree?

There are a couple of things you shall keep in mind while picking a lehenga saree. These points are mentioned below:

  • Pick a color combination that looks good on you
  • Always pick a customized lehenga saree if you can’t drape the outfit or if you don’t have someone who knows to drape
  • Draping the lehenga saree in the correct way is extremely important as the look of the outfit largely depends on it, so be extra careful about it


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