What are Saree Kuchu Designs ?

by Ritika Singhi
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What are saree kuchu?

In India, sarees are one of the most favorites and favored clothing chosen by women. It is no longer considered to be a traditional and an outdated outfit. Saree such are interesting and appealing patterns similar to tassels. Kuchu designs are available in a wide range and can be added to any clothing which includes sarees, dupatta, shirts, and dresses to change, modify or give the clothing a new look. Kuchu designs are widely used by women for giving their saree a fresh and new look. You will find a variety of interesting kuchu designs for your sarees.

What are the different kuchu designs available for your saree?

There is a large variety of interesting and appealing kuchu designs for sarees. Some of the easily available and eye-catching kuchu designs have been mentioned below:

  • Lace kuchu- The lace kuchu designs are tassel-like designs which are accompanied with a lace design. They look appealing and add a classy look to the saree.
Lace saree kuchu

    Image Credit: Stalktr
  • Crochet kuchu designs- The crochet designs and looks are very much in fashion off late. They look appealing and interesting. This can be added to the border of your saree to give it a finished and a new look.
crotchet saree kuchu

Image Credit: Youtube

  • Floral pattern kuchu– Floral designs and looks are one of the most appealing and eye-catching designs today. There are a number of different and appealing floral kuchu designs available for your saree. This will give the saree a fashionable and interesting look.
Floral Saree kuchu

Image Credit: letsgetdressed

  • Thread kuchu– A thread kuchu is a simple and a nice option for a kuchu which is classy and not over the top. If you don’t want a simple kuchu which does not have embellishments or any work, this is the best saree kuchu.
Thread kuchu

Image Credit : Simple Craft Idea

  • Bead kuchu– The bead kuchu for sarees has beads along with the kuchu. They are a great option for saree kuchu if you want to add a heavy and embellished look for your saree.
5.Bead kuchu

Image Credit : the handmade crafts

  • Metal kuchu– Kuchu designs with metal embellishments are a great option for anyone looking for a kuchu with metal accessories or embellishments. The metal designs and the kuchu designs are available in different sizes, designs and looks. You can pick the one which you feel will be the best suited for your saree.
Metal kuchu

Image Credit: Modelling Mumbai

What are the different saree kuchu options for my saree?

Apart from choosing the kuchu designs for your saree, it is also important to know how to place the kuchu on the saree. Some of the simplest and easy ideas for placing the saree kuchu have been mentioned below:

  1. Alternate colours for saree kuchu- You can choose two or more colours of the same kuchu design and place them along the length of the saree pallu.
  2. Same colour thread kuchu- You can pick the thread kuchu of the same colour as that of your saree and place it on your saree for the monotonous look.
  3. Embellished kuchu- you a can add embellishments according to your choice and preference on the kuchu design and give it a completely new look.

Can you make a kuchu design for your saree at home?

The best thing about saree kuchu is that it can be your DIY project. You can stitch and embellish it according to your choice, preference and the length that you want. You will need a thread, a needle and embellishments (if you want to add any).

Why should you use saree kuchu for your sarees?

There are a number of reasons to use a saree kuchu on old and new sarees. The reasons have been mentioned below:

  • It gives your old saree a new and fresh look
  • If you add saree kuchu to your new saree it gives it an enhanced and new look
  • It is the best way to recycle and reuse your saree
  • It is cost friendly
  • If you have a plain saree which you feel can’t be worn, you simply need to add the kuchu designs to give it a modified look.

These are all about saree kuchu. You must try this and see the difference it makes to the look of your saree.

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