What are Outfit Ideas for Tall Girls ?

by Tanvi Kaushik
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What are Outfit Ideas for Tall Girls? Being a girl and that too tall is very tough. Though tall girls look beautiful and your height is an amazing asset but there is a list of problems one has to deal with. You find a lot of irritating people asking about how much your height is? How you got one? And blah blah blah. But these problems are still tolerable, the hardest thing is finding suitable clothes as when you’ve got long legs, it’s almost impossible to find fabric long enough to house them. One needs to search a lot and still, you may end up with short sleeves or pants or skirts.

So here are some styling tips and outfits ideas for Tall girls:
  1. NEVER say NO to HEELS-

A tall girl wearing heels is like the most unacceptable thing in our society. People believe and say that you are tall enough, what’s the need for heels? But believe me, those tall legs of yours look great when you wear to heel and you look confident, proud and Sexy.

  1. Wear Skinny and high waisted Jeans-

Skinny jeans will show off your legs and will look best on you and high waisted jeans are a great option to show off your height. Also if jeans or pants are short, don’t let it seem like one.  Cuff them and try wearing them with heels.

  1. Wear lively and vibrant colors-

Buy clothes with more energetic colors neither loud nor so dull. They will make you stand out in the crowd as your heights do. Try different options as you never know which color will suit you.

  1. Maxis and long dresses are a must-

Best Shoes to Wear with Maxi Dress 7

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A maxi dress enhances your appearance through some average length dresses tend to look shorter on tall girls so find a suitable dress.

  1. Show some skin-

You’ve got a lot of skin on your long body then why not show off some. Wear more crop tops and backless top but show only one area at a time. Also wear according to the occasion as our idea is not to look that you are trying too hard, or inappropriate for the occasion.

  1. Wear Jumpsuits-

Jumpsuits are tall girl’s best friend. Dress jumpsuit up and down and you are ready

  1. Embrace big and oversized jewelry and accessories-

Unlike your shorter friends, oversized accessories won’t cover you all but will look cool on you. Try on different large bags, Neckpieces, bangles, and earrings. Wear them with your outfit and you are done.

  1. Emphasize more stress on 3/4th sleeves-

Being tall I know how hard it is to find long sleeves clothes. So, try buying 3/4th sleeves cloth so that you will never have to worry about pulling down your sleeves constantly.

  1. Wear long coats and shrugs-

Longer coats and shrugs are better for tall girls as if somebody who has short height wears them they’ll look shorter than usual. Try wearing them with skinny jeans and belted heels.

  1. Try on Brands for tall girls-

Clothes and their length may differ brand to brand so try wearing those brands which are exclusively made for tall women which include GAP, Asos and many more. Or you can also try custom made clothes to have the best fitting.


Tall girls are made in such a way that whatever they wear, they look perfect. Just remember one thing, never get shy because of your height, walk confidently and this Confidence will help you carry all your outfits in the best way possible and you will look rocking.

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