What are Kiwi Fruit Uses for Health ?

by Ritika Singhi
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What is Kiwi Fruit Uses for Health? Kiwi has been one of my most favorite fruits since I was a kid but little did I know about the amazing uses of this “powerhouse” fruit. Kiwi is a great fruit with a wide range of nutrients in it which makes it a great fruit for your daily consumption. Some of the uses of kiwi fruit have been mentioned below.

What are Kiwi Fruit Uses for Health

  1. A great fruit for digestion of food

Kiwi is wonderful and probably the best fruit for digestion. It contains the dietary fiber which makes it extremely easy to digest the food consumed naturally. The presence of dietary fiber helps immensely in the digestion of your food correctly.

  1. Great source for folate

Folate is something that is essential for pregnant women and growing children. The presence of folate in food helps the fetus grow in a healthy manner and growing children folate helps in their growth. So, if you belong to any of this group or if you know people from this group then you shall definitely ask them to include kiwi in their diet.

  1. Maintains blood sugar level

Kiwi is said to contain an enzyme that helps in controlling and maintaining the blood sugar levels in your body. It is helpful to even people with type I diabetes as it helps in maintaining and balancing the blood sugar levels.

  1. Helps in getting a beautiful skin

Many of us don’t consume the right nutrients for great skin and have various skin issues because of the climatic and pollution changes. Kiwi is a fruit that has vitamins C and E which are great for your skin. You can either consume the raw fruit or you can cut slices of the fruit and apply it on your face. This will help you in getting great skin.

  1. Beneficial for sleep

Many of us have various health issues and the primary reason for the health issues would be lack of sleep. It is extremely important for you to sleep well as it directly impacts your health. Kiwi is a fruit that acts like a sleep inducer and helps you in getting sleep.

What are the other uses of the kiwi fruit?

Some other uses of kiwi have been mentioned below:

  1. Helpful in the treatment of poor vision
  2. Treats asthma
  3. Boosts your immunity

Can kiwi be consumed by those on a diet?

Kiwi can be consumed by those on a diet. It is a fruit that is high in nutrients and great for the body. If you can’t have the raw fruit then there are a few interesting ways to consume it. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. You can have it in the form of a smoothie. You can prepare a delicious smoothie with various fruits along with kiwi.
  2. A nice fruit salad can be made with the main ingredient being a kiwi. You can add herbs and spices to add a lovely flavor to the salad.
  3. You can prepare interesting kiwi soup.

What are the things to keep in mind while having kiwi?

  1. You must remember to have raw kiwi as it is most beneficial. Cooked kiwi loses vitamins and few of its nutritional properties.
  2. If you are consuming supplements of kiwi it is best to consult your doctor or dietician to ensure that you take the correct dosage.
  3. While kiwi is a great fruit for most people, it is always best to check if you are allergic to the fruit. If you are allergic, then it is best to avoid it.

Now, that you know the uses of kiwi you shall not give this powerhouse fruit a miss from your daily diet.

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