What are Home Remedies to Control Diabetes ?

by Aditi Bansal
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What are Home Remedies to Control Diabetes?Hey lovely readers, today I am going to share some really helpful home remedies for diabetes. Diabetes is really common in people these days and it really affects their lifestyle and even affects the shape of your body. There is a number of ways in which one can control diabetes to prevent sudden weight gain. Keep reading to know more.

Home Remedies to Control Diabetes

  1. Exercise is the key

As we all know, exercise is the solution to almost all our body problems. Exercise not only helps to make you fit it also helps in keeping you active throughout the day. It can help you lose weight and makes your cells use sugar efficiently available in the bloodstream. Hence, it won’t let sugar stay in your body by constantly using it for energy.

  1. Cut those harmful Carbs

Carbs do no good for your health and body. It not only makes you fat and unhealthy but also increases the sugar levels in your body. People having diabetes should concentrate and keep a record of their daily consumption of carbs and thus reduce their carbs intake effectively.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated

Water is a magic solution to all your problems. Drinking water has a number of advantages be it attaining glowing skin or to keep oneself free from harmful toxins. Since water also helps in losing weight it may also help in keeping your blood sugar level under limit which as a result helps in keeping diabetes in control.

  1. Fibers are your friends

Everything is related to your weight. In order to keep yourself healthy and to stay fit one needs to ensure a good amount of intake of fibrous foods. Fibers are really helpful in absorbing sugar and slows down carbs digestion. It also promotes a gradual reduction in blood sugar levels.

  1. Quality sleep is a necessity

People these days are developing a lot of stress and workload. This is the reason of not getting proper sleep. Sleeping at the right time at night helps in proper digestion and also helps in managing sugar levels in our body. Hence, proper quality of sleep is an effective way to keep diabetes in control.

  1. Consume bitter gourds

Bitter gourds don’t feel as bitter when we get to know their health benefits. Bitter gourds are rich in plant insulin-polypeptide-P which helps in reducing the   hyperglycemia. Hyperglycemia refers to increase in sugar levels in our body. It also contains charatin and momordicin, which are known to reduce sugar in our blood.

  1. Mango leaves are the key

Who doesn’t love mangoes in summers? But what if I tell you that the leaves of this delicious fruit are highly useful in keeping your blood sugar levels under control. Mango leaves increase the distribution of glucose, which therefore helps in stabilizing sugar levels in your blood. One can boil the mango leaves in a glass of water and leave it to cool overnight. Consume the boiled water empty stomach in the morning.

  1. Indian gooseberry

Indian gooseberries or amla is a great source of chromium which is really effective in curing diabetes. It stimulates the secretion of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar in diabetic patients. One can have dried amla or may consume amla juice every morning.

  1. Stick to Drumsticks

Drumsticks (moringa leaves) are really tasty to have in sambhar. It not only makes the sambhar taste good but also helps in reducing the sugar level in our body.  The various vitamins and minerals present in drumstick stem help in maintaining an optimum blood-sugar level in our body and helps in controlling diabetes effectively.

  1. Fenugreek Seeds is the need

Fenugreek seeds not only helps in strengthening our hair and make them shine but also helps in controlling the blood sugar level in our body. It also reduces cholesterol levels in our body thus ensuring reduced sugar levels in the blood.


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