What are Home Remedies for Joint Pain Relief ?

by Shivanshi Tomer
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What are Home Remedies for Joint Pain Relief? Joint pain could truly be a nightmare. There are several reasons behind it as it could be caused by arthritis, injury or excessive exercise. The most common cause of prolonged pain in joints is caused due to arthritis. Arthritis causes inflammation in one or more joints of the body resulting in pain and stiffness in that particular body part.

Arthritis if not treated timely could result in permanent stiffness of the joint which might hamper the working of the body part. Other problems which a person suffering from arthritis might observe is fatigue, weight loss, and anemia. Usually, knees and hand joints are the most commonly affected body parts. With the below-given home remedies, you can not only ease the joint pain but also prevent it from becoming severe-

  • Ginger Tea

The first and the foremost symptom of arthritis is pain which comes along with inflammation. Ginger, known for its anti-inflammatory properties would help in soothing the inflated part and longer use could help in curing arthritis as well.

What are Home Remedies for Joint Pain Relief ?

  • Cinnamon

A spice known for its anti-inflammatory properties is another solution for curing arthritis. It will not only soothe inflated body part but would fade away pain too. It should be avoided in the summer season and can be easily used in the winter season by boiling it with tea or water.

  • Black Pepper

Another spice which is readily available in our homes is black pepper. It is known for giving relief from pain and will also help in reducing swelling. The usage or quantity of black pepper should be carefully dealt with as it might cause sneezing or coughing if taken in large quantities.

  • Green Tea

An herb is known for causing weight loss also has some medicinal benefits. Drinking a cup of green tea every day would help in reducing inflammation and would help you in dealing with fatigue.

  • Garlic

Garlics, known for enhancing the taste of food can also help arthritis patients. Garlic has anti-inflammatory properties which would help in curing swelling. Just add few cloves of garlic while cooking vegetables and pulses and stay away from the problem of arthritis.

  • Hot Cold Treatment

This procedure requires treating the affected area with both cold and hot bag. Start with the cold bag and keep it on the affected joint for a minute. Then switch to hot bag and keep it on the affected joint for 30 seconds. Continue the same process for 15 minutes by switching between hot and cold bag. End the process by keeping the cold bag on the joint for a minute.

  • Turmeric

Another ingredient which is an age-old remedy for reducing pain and inflammation is your solution for joint paint. Just put in a pinch of turmeric while cooking vegetable and pulses and you will find joint pain fading away.

  • Vitamin C

Include enough vitamin C in your diet to keep the problem of joint pain at bay. You can inculcate vitamin C rich foods such broccoli, green pepper, red pepper, lemon and oranges in your diet to fulfill the requirement of vitamin C in your body and cure arthritis at the same time.

  • Cloves

Enriched with antioxidants, cloves too are known for their anti-inflammatory properties and would soothe swelling. Just include cloves in your daily diet and stay away from any kind of joint pain.

  • Walk barefoot

For those suffering from knee pain, it is advisable to walk barefoot for around 20-30 minutes. You must adopt a healthy lifestyle which would prevent knee stiffness. Just an evening stroll in the garden without shoes could help in easing the joint movement of the knee and prevent pain and swelling.

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