What are Fashionable Hairstyles on Saree ?

by Tanvi Kaushik
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What are Fashionable Hairstyles with Saree? Whatever we wear, whatever we apply for makeup, our look will always be incomplete if you haven’t picked a trendy hairstyle. The most important part of your look is your hairstyle. Different Hairstyles mean different things to different people and it’s not always like what you did with your jeans and dresses will look good on your other dresses too. There are different hairstyles for different occasions and different dresses. You just need to pick the right one and you are done. Sarees are the most and most loved outfit of an Indian woman. Everybody who wears it looks gorgeous in its own way but this saree look could be spoiled due to some wrong hairstyle. So here is the list of Fashionable and different hairstyles for saree-

Leave all your old Hairstyles and try all of the below to look trendy and gorgeous even in a saree.

  1. Loose Messy Bun

Image Credit : Beauty & Health tips

Lose messy bun suits almost all the face types and is the most commonly picked hairstyle by every Indian woman. Plus if you have got a stylish backless blouse, this one is the perfect hair to flaunt your sexy back.

To complete the look you can wear a tiara or some clips over it.

Things Required: Hairbrush, Bobby Pins, Hair elastic, & Hair spray.

  1. Fishtail Braid

Image Credit : Beauty & Health tips

To look traditional, Fishtail Braid is a suitable option. A side Fishtail Braid is advised more as it will help you to flaunt you back. You can even apply many types of accessories on it and you are ready.

To complete the look wear a maang tika along with it.

Things Required: Hairbrush, Hair elastics, accessories, & Hair spray.

  1. Loose Curls

Image Credit : asianet.in

Some prefer straight hair whereas some love curls. For a Kitty party or A birthday party, Loose curls are preferred more.  This hairstyle looks better on a person with an oval face and will make your hair look more bouncy and voluminous.

Things Required: Hairbrush, Curling iron, & Hair spray or serum.

  1. Bangs and Fringes

Image Credit ; wallpapersite.com

Be it a casual look or a party look, bangs are among the evergreen styles that never go out of fashion. Bangs look great on Saree too. No matter you have straight hair or curly hair, Front bangs or side bangs will complete your hairstyle and is more preferred to people with a prominent forehead. It is the easiest hairstyle among all.

  1. Half Up Puff Curls

Image Credit :Blog – Mirraw

This look is for people with Round shaped face and also for all those ladies who want to look young. This style basically covers two most trendy hairstyles i.e. curls and puff.

To complete this look, wear heavy and long earrings.

Things Required: Hairbrush, Curling Iron, Booby Pins, Fine toothed comb, & hair spray.

  1. Low Twisted Side Bun

Image Credit :Bollywood Bindass

For all the ladies with a long face, this one is for you all. It is, in fact, an easy one as what all you have to do is to take hair from a side and twist them and make a side bun.

To complete the look you can wear different headgears.

Things Required: Hairbrush, Hair elastic, Bobby pins, & hair spray.

  1. Low Ponytail

Image Credit :m.dailyhunt.in

I know many of you will say that ponytail for a saree, seriously? And the answer to it is Yes, a big Yes. A low ponytail will help your look to be a casual one and will show off your that costly and pretty saree. This hairdo is especially for oval faced women.

Things Required: Hair Brush, Hair elastics, Straitening iron rod, & Hair spray.


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