What are Effective Remedies to Prevent Breakouts ?

by Somya Satija
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  1. Wash your face no less than once and not more than twice:

    Do not apply anything on an unclean skin. Even oils on the face or just t-zone classify as unclean skin. Whatever skincare you use, make sure you wash your face first. Ideally, you should wash your face at night, washing off all the dirt and impurities before you call it night. But washing with a mild cleaner in the morning for oily skin people helps to clear the oil on t-zone.

  2. Choose a cleanser suitable for your skin type:

    If you have dry skin, choose a cream-based cleaner which does not foam much and does not dry out the skin. For oily skin type, choose a gel-based cleanser. Also at night try to do double cleansing as it makes sure that all the dirt and impurities are removed.

  3. Add Acids to your skincare:

    Salicylic Acid:
    Make it your best friend. It go deep into the pores and dissolves the impurities in it. It also helps in reducing blackheads and whiteheads. You can use salicylic acid on the targeted area directly or apple a thin layer on the entire face. It is a boon for oily skin people

    Glycolic Acid:
    This is more suitable for dry skin people. It acts as a humectant and maintains the skins moisture level.

    You could also try over the counter products with benzoyl peroxide, which helps to keep breakouts at bay.

    If you are new to acids make sure your skin develops a tolerance towards it first. Use it once a week for about a month, and see if there is not any adverse reaction on your skin. Also, acids make the skin more prone to sun damage, so use a broad-spectrum sunscreen after using facial acids.

  4. Moisturise:

    People prone to breakouts may feel reluctant to apply a moisturizer, as your skin is already producing enough oil on its own, but moisturizing is necessary. Use a moisturizer suitable for your skin type, and make sure it does not clog your pores. Dry skin people should use a cream rich moisturizer and oily skin people should use a gel-based moisturizer which is light and spreads easily.

  5. Use powder makeup:

    Instead of using liquid or cream foundations, switch to powder foundation to control oil production. Makeup should not be used when having breakouts to let the skin breathe but if you must have to use makeup try to spot conceal the area instead of using makeup all over the face.

  6. Use no more than two products in your skincare:

    Sometimes breakouts are a reaction to our skincare products. Add products in your skincare one at a time so you know which product is working for you and which is causing breakouts.

  7. Use a clay mask or Fullers Earth face pack:

    Clay mask helps to reduce oil production. It reduces inflammation and absorbs excess oil which causes pimples.
    A more natural variant is Fullers Earth. It also absorbs oil and makes skin clearer and reduces breakouts.

  8. Tea tree oil:Tea Tree Oil Uses 3

    Tea tree oil, it is a popular natural remedy to clear existing pimples. You can either put it directly on to the pimple or you could dilute it by mixing it with your face gel or moisturizer and apply a thin layer on your face.

  9. Eat healthily:

    Your skin reflects what you eat. The healthier you eat the better your skin is. Reduce fatty junk foods and have a more antioxidant-rich diet to clear you skin. Baked good or food with sugar and fats should be avoided. Spicy foods also make you sweat more, which traps impurities in your skin. Adulterated drinks are also not good for the skin.

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