We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees !

by Ritika Singhi

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! Sarees are one of the classiest and the most elegant attire for women. No matter what you wear and however interesting and stylish the outfit maybe, a saree will always stand out and look the prettiest. It is the best option for women. There are a number of interesting and appealing sarees which are available but one of my most favorite sarees would be the silk sarees. They are evergreen and look extremely rich. In fact, the silk sarees are a favorite of many celebrities as well. Some of the best silk sarees which have been worn by celebrities have been mentioned below.

  1. Rekha

Rekha is one of those celebrities whose name would crop up first while we talk about silk sarees. You will find her in lovely silk sarees every time at any function or get together. She makes it a point to carry every silk saree with grace and style which remains unmatched. She usually teams the saree with gold jewelry and a small potli. It is a great and the best way to style the silk saree.

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! 2

  1. Alia Bhatt

As young and a promising actress, Alia Bhatt has made her presence felt in the film industry. This talented girl wears every outfit with style. Alia Bhatt sticks usually to the minimal look. She keeps the makeup simple and jewelry minimum in a silk saree. A simple printed silk saree works well with a solid color blouse. It is a great way to keep the look of the silk saree the best.

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! 1

  1. Kareena Kapoor

Many of us may dislike her for various reasons but you certainly can’t ignore the actress. Her son has been more in the news of late but she sure knows to grab the attention of the paparazzi. She is often seen in dresses but I feel she carries off sarees beautifully. A solid silk saree with a monotone blouse is the safest and the most stylish way to wear a silk saree. It looks fashionable and classy. This combination of silk saree will surely not disappoint you.

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! 4

  1. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone is essentially from the south and she has grace and charm like no one else. A silk saree paired with heavy jewelry and the right hairdo not only enhance your look but also make you stand out. She is definitely her to stun you even with a silk saree on.

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees !

  1. Kajal Agarwal

This southern beauty has made her presence felt in Mumbai as well. With a sweet smile, she grabs the attention of all. You will find her in a silk saree quite often. She drapes the saree well and keeps the makeup simple with a silk saree. You will usually find her with no or minimum jewelry while wearing a silk saree and this world pretty well for her look. She usually uses flowers for her hairdo with the silk saree which helps in getting the perfect traditional look.
We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! 4

  1. Vidya Balan

You will rarely spot Vidya Balan in anything else apart from sarees. She loves wearing sarees and she has never denied her fondness of this. There have been a number of occasions where she has worn the beautiful silk sarees and carried it off with elegance and style.

We are Crushing Over These Celebrities in Silk Sarees ! 3

What are the few things you shall keep in mind while wearing a silk saree?

There are a few ways in which you can enhance your look when you pick a silk saree to drape. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. Try to wear traditional jewelry or gold jewelry with a silk saree. It usually looks best.
  2. Pick a solid color silk blouse with a silk saree. It balances your look.
  3. For a traditional look, you shall try to use flowers for your hairdo.

These are a few celebrities who have worn silk sarees and looked gorgeous. I hope this will help you wearing and picking the best look with your silk saree.



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