How Does Sulfate Damage Your Hair ?

by Sukirt Kaur
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How Does Sulfate Damage Your Hair ? Sulphate is an essential part of shampoo. They extract all the oil and dirt easily from your scalp and leaves it fresh and clean. It is also responsible for forming a lather while you shampoo your hair. But when used excessively, sulfates in your shampoo can harm your hair and scalp.

How Does Sulfate Damage Your Hair ?

1. Leaves the scalp and hair dry

Sulfates when used excessively, drains out the natural oils present on your scalp, thus leaving your hair dryer than normal. Dry hair causes more production of dandruff which worsens the condition of your hair and scalp. Using too many sulfates on your hair, the oil and moisture which is used to make the hair beautiful and moisturized get emptied out.

2. Causes Hair Loss

Sulfates cause damage to your hair roots which leads to hair loss. Sulfates make your hair weak and lead to breakage. It makes your scalp dry by removing natural oils which protect the scalp from dust, sun rays, and other factors thus leading to breakage of hair due to the damage done by external factors.

3. Fades Colour

If you have colored hair, sulfates increase the rate of fading of your hair color. Sulfates will strip out the color from hair leaving behind a fade and dull color/look.

4. Causes Frizzy hair

Frizz is caused when hair lacks natural oils and moisture. Sulfates can strip natural oils from the scalp and hair and makes the hair dry, brittle and frizzy. It removes the layer of the scalp which protects the hair and makes the hair frizzy.

5.Scalp Irritations

Sulfates can cause irritation to the scalp which leads to redness, dryness, and itching. By eliminating the natural oils and moisture from the scalp, it makes the scalp a lot drier causing dandruff, irritations, and itching.

6. Causes white hair

Hair starts to gray due to depletion of melanin which is a pigment present in hair responsible for black hair. Use of sulfates in shampoos leads to excess dryness of hair and also depletion of melanin, thus forming white hair. Reduced production of oil in the scalp is also responsible for white hair.

How can we improve the quality of our hair?

By using the alternative shampoo, that is by using sulfate-free shampoos. Sulfate free shampoos do not contain sulfates which harm our hair. One can also reduce the amount of shampoo is used. Using a conditioner after washing your hair can also improve the condition of your hair. Intake a healthy diet for a healthy scalp.

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