Try Yoga Asanas for Firm Breasts !

by Anshika Saxena
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Try Yoga Asanas for Firm Breasts! Tell me one woman who likes sagged and droopy bosom, of course, none. Every woman today desires for the firm and healthy breasts, not only it makes you look sexy and irresistible but is also a sign of the healthy heart. A variety of options are available in the market to perk up your breasts but nothing can beat yoga. Push up, padded, under wired bras, breast firming lotions, breast implants, suction cups and what not have been created to uplift the breasts but let’s accept the fact all of these are expensive, temporary and pain in the ass!

Factors leading to sagged breasts

1. Smoking
2. Multiple pregnancies
3. Menopause
4. Obesity
5.Wearing incorrect bra

But why yoga?

1. Practicing yoga asana uplifts and strengthens your breasts in the long run without any side effects.
2. Deep breathing exercises ensure proper flow of oxygen to the lungs leading to stronger immune system.
3. Apart from enhancing your breast and lung size, yoga also reduces stress making you feel confident and youthful.

Yoga asana

following is a list consisting of simple yoga asanas that you can do every day at your home involving zero types of equipment.

1. Kumbhakasana (plank pose)

2) Bird-dog pose:

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This is a great pose to strengthen your core, pectoral muscles that hold up your breasts and also reduces belly fat.
a) Begin with lying flat on your tummy.
b) Now push your body up with the help of your arms and grasp the ground with the help of your toes. Your body should form a straight line.
c) Breathe in while you are up and breath out when you go down.

2. Bhujangasana (cobra pose)

Bhujangasana { Cobra Pose }
This asana is not only super easy but also super beneficial. It tightens your abdominal muscles and supports your chest by increasing lung volume.
a) Lie down on your stomach.
b) Slowly raise your upper body and stretch your head back by looking up at the ceiling with the help of your arms and inhale.
c) release the pose and exhale.

3. Dhanurasana (bow pose)


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Not only it shapes the breasts but also gives a good stretch to your back removing all the stiffness.
a) Lie flat on your belly.
b) Bring your legs close to your head by lifting your thighs up and stretch your arms backward to hold your ankles by lifting your upper body too.
c) Holding this position gives a good stretch to your entire body. Try to balance your body on your stomach.

4. Setu bandhasana (Bridge pose)

Bridge Pose

Image Credit: Yoga Journal

This asana is practiced to strengthen back, hips, spine and also gives a good stretch to the chest.
a) Lie on your back with arms lying on side of the body.
b) Knees bent and feet pressed flat on the floor.
c) Lift your pelvis up with the support of your arms, keep your head and neck still on the floor. Stay there for few seconds and then release the pose.

5. Trikonasana (triangle pose)

Trikonasana Benefits
This pose stretches your sides, reduces waistline and makes your pelvic area and thorax stronger.
a) Stand with your feet apart.
b) Put your left foot out at an angle of 90 degrees and your left arm touching your left ankle, stretching your right arm upwards resulting in a straight line.
c) Your face should be facing upwards and eyes on your fingers. Keep your knees and spine straight. Repeat it on the other side too.
*it is not necessary that you perform each and every asana every single day, just pick different 2-3 asana every day and perform them for 20-30 minutes religiously for a month.*

Nuts and bolts

eating healthy is equally important for firm breasts. Besides excluding junk food, include the following in your diet-
I) whole grains, nuts and seeds
ii) fruits and green leafy vegetables
cut down on alcohol and smoking.
Breast massage is considered great to lift them up as it increases blood flow and lymph flow.
wearing the correct bra is very important as too tight or too big bra could disfigure your bosom. Your body changes as you age so keep a check on your cup size and buy accordingly.
Lastly, drink lots of water. Less water means dull skin and your breast skin is considered sensitive making it prone to develop wrinkles and sag easily.

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