Try these 7 Makeup Hacks to Fake a Glowing Skin !

by Sreeparna Ganguly

Try these 7 Makeup Hacks to Fake a Glowing Skin! They say, fake it before you make it. The same goes for makeup and beauty. Glowing skin is a dream of every girl but just a handful of us are actually blessed with such problem-free healthy skin. Naturally, we have to fake it somehow and that is when the ‘power of makeup’ comes in the picture. Although we think the no-makeup makeup look and the K-beauty special glass skin are the brainchildren of contemporary skincare and makeup geeks, these were the ultimate beauty goals of girls since the time unknown. Our skin is like a mirror of our health. If your internals is functioning properly your skin will glow on its own. So, start caring yourself for healthy glowing skin. Until you achieve your goal, here are a few tricks to create a glowing-goddess kind of a look within a wink of your eye!

  1. Make the Most of Your Powder Highlighter

Even if you hate applying thick layers of makeup on a daily basis, the clever use of your moisturizer can give you glass skin in no time. Once you are done with your basic skincare, scrap off a pinch of a powder highlighter that matches your skin tone most. Mix it with your regular moisturizer and apply it to the face. Adjust the amount of highlighter so that the glow looks natural.

Make the Most of Your Powder Highlighter

  1. Rosehip Oil + Foundation for Glowing skin

Light facial oils like rosehip or pomegranate oil not only help in blurring out the textures on the skin and providing instant glow but also reinstates the elasticity of the skin. Dilute your matte foundation with 2 drops of rosehip oil and apply it in an almost invisible layer. No one will be able to detect the fake glow if you blend it well.

Rosehip Oil + Foundation for Glowing skin

  1. Switch to a Dewy Cream Concealer

A cream concealer that matches exactly to your skin tone is one of the best ways to fake naturally glowing skin for those who have acne scars and uneven skin. Take just a little bit of concealer and apply it to all the high points of your face. Blends with either a damp sponge or fingertips. You can use this trick either on a bare face or when you are done with a full face of makeup.

Switch to a Dewy Cream Concealer

  1. The Vaseline Hack for Glowing Skin

This is perhaps the cheapest yet the most effective trick that can give you glowing skin in seconds. You just have to dab some vaseline or any petroleum jelly on the areas of the face that catch the light and that’s it! Vaseline can also be used on top of your base makeup for a long-lasting glow.

The Vaseline Hack for Glowing Skin

  1. Make Your Own Skin Glow Mist at Home

When you use heavy concealers or foundations you have to set it with powder otherwise creasing will start in no time. Powders have the ability to mattify everything and steal your glow. Yes, you can use a dewy setting spray but you can’t use it again and again whenever your face feels dry. You can roam with glowing skin throughout the day if you use this simple homemade glow mist. Take 50ml rose water. Add 10ml water, 3-4 drops of glycerine and give it a good shake. Your mist is ready!

Make Your Own Skin Glow Mist at Home

  1. Stop Dragging & Start Stippling

The beauty of makeup products lies in their application technique. When you are applying foundation, you are actually painting the top layer of the skin along with the minuscule hairs on the skin with a tinted lotion aka foundation. If you apply foundation in dragging motion, it will exaggerate the small pores on the skin and the skin will look more textured. The textures prevent the light reflection and you will end up looking cakey and dry. On the other hand, stippling motions provide more even and lighter finish to the skin and also makes the skin look naturally dewy. Make it a point to apply foundation in gentle stippling motion using a stippling brush or sponge to achieve the glowy look.

Stop Dragging & Start Stippling

  1. Lipbalms For Glowing Skin

If you want a naturally flushed look like K-beauty idols then this is ‘the’ trick for you. Take a pink or peach lip balm and use it as a cream blush. As lip balms are not as pigmented as lipsticks, you won’t look made-up. You can use this trick with your everyday look as well!

Lipbalms For Glowing Skin

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