This Face Yoga Face Lift is Amazing – *VIDEOS*

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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This Face Yoga Face Lift is Amazing! Ageing is an inevitable physiological process. As we cross mid 30’s our skin starts to lose its tautness. Various skin loosening issues like fine lines, wrinkles, sagged skin, droopy eyes begin to steal the youthful liveliness of our skin. Though there is no way to stop the aging, the signs of aging can be delayed to a certain extent with controlled lifestyle, healthy diet, good skin care, and appropriate facial sculpting exercises. Here are some simple facial yoga poses that will help you to keep the tightness and firmness of your face intact and give your face a lifting effect.

# What and When of Face Lifting

Face lifting does not necessarily mean lifted cheeks; it involves the entire face and neck skin lifting through various face yoga poses. The best time to start your daily facial yoga routine is in your mid 20’s when your skin is relatively youthful. Yoga is more of a preventive measure for premature aging symptoms. Regularity and consistency is the key to success when it comes to facial yoga. It gives a slow but long lasting result.

# Facial Yoga Postures for Various Facial Features

  1. Facial Yoga for Eye Contour (Cures Crow’s Feet Wrinkles)

The delicate skin near the eye area is the place where first signs of aging start to show. We generally have a certain number of fine lines under the eyes. In mature skin, those lines start to lengthen and finally form wrinkles. The V exercise is a great way to firm the skin near the eye area. In this exercise, you need to form two Vs using your index and middle fingers of both hands. You then place the two middle fingers where the brow starts and the index finger needs to be placed at the end of each brow. Pull all the fingers upwards and let it stay for 5 seconds. You can do this pose for 5-7 times in one session.

  1. Facial Yoga Pose to Cure Forehead Wrinkle

Forehead wrinkle comes up when taut skin of our forehead starts to lose its firmness. These wrinkles start as fine lines and then develop into dent like formations on the skin. Forehead wrinkles appear either vertically or horizontally depending on your skin’s bending pattern when you knit the brows. To prevent forehead wrinkles, place your index, middle, ring and pinky fingers in each side of the forehead horizontally or vertically. With gentle yet firm hands pull the fingers in opposite directions. Hold for 5-7 seconds and release.

  1. Facial Yoga for Smile Lines

We all love dimples but when the dimple but the smile lines are not that good a thing. Smile lines appear diagonally; starting from the corner of the nose to the corner of the lip in both side. To prevent this oil pulling is the best option. It not only tightens the face but also removes toxins from our body. In this method, we put some edible oil in our mouth and let it pass through the entire cavity of the mouth my moving our tightly closed mouth in horizontally.

  1. Facial Yoga for Firm Neck

Our neck skin is very similar to our facial skin. It also has a tendency to loosen up causing sagging. Neck skin can be prevented from sagging by a light oil massage twice a day. For this, you need to rub any natural oil in your palm and place the palms on the base of the neck in a criss-cross manner (right palm on left side and vice versa). Then gently pull up the palms simultaneously and lift the palms from the skin. Repeat the process 10-15 times.

  1. Facial Yoga for Sagged Cheeks

Sagged cheeks appear in the last lap of aging and this problem is quite stubborn. To firm your cheeks you need to make a blow face and then do smiling face without opening the mouth. Do these two exercises turn by turn for 10-12 times and let your face rest.

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