These 3 Products Did Not work for Me – By Sukirt

by Sukirt Kaur
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I think it is not necessary that a product causes the same effect on everyone who purchases it. A product which suits my skin type or my needs may not be useful to someone else. Since my skin type is oily and acne-prone therefore I like or use products which don’t make my skin oiler but at the same time provides the required nourishment to my skin. I would recommend everyone that one should try products by applying a little amount and then use it further. Use products which suit your hair or skin type.

Following are three of those products which did not work out for me-


  1. Everyuth Naturals Oil Clear Lemon Facewash

These 3 Products Did Not work for Me - By Sukirt

As mentioned in the details, it is for oily skin types and treats acne. After application, this Face wash makes my skin drier than required and rough. Also, it does not treat acne or pimples. The packaging is not good, I used to carry it in my bag when traveling and sometimes it used to leak and hence is not at all travel-friendly.

  1. Aryanveda Apricot Whip Moisturising Cream

These 3 Products Did Not work for Me - By Sukirt

After applying this cream my face had red patches. This cream didn’t suit my sensitive skin at all. People with sensitive skin should avoid this cream as it causes itching to the skin. The cream doesn’t blend well with the skin and makes the skin oily and slippery which is a negative for oily skin types. It has a very strong sweet fragrance which is not that seems pleasing to me.

  1. Himalayas Herbal Gentle Daily Care Protein Shampoo

These 3 Products Did Not work for Me - By Sukirt

After using this shampoo I started losing my hair more. It increased the amount of hair loosing from my scalp. Made my hair dry and frizzy. Caused irritation and itching to my scalp, worsening the condition of my hair. Quantity provided is less and also the shampoo has a mild smell which fades after some time.

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william peterson July 30, 2019 - 4:52 PM

That doesn’t work for me too!!!


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