Products that DID NOT Work For Me – By Diksha

by Diksha S
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Every year the beauty and healthcare industry gets revolutionized by new product launches. However not all the products that get launched are able to achieve the results they promise. It is important to remember that different products have different results on different individuals. Your lifestyle, your skin type, hair type, age etc have an effect on how different products act on you. It may so happen that a product that worked for you may not work for me. Here is list of 3 products that failed to achieve its promise for me:

  • Spinz deo exotic:

spinz deo exotic

Spinz promised long-lasting fragrance with its deo. Although the Spinz Enchante perfume deodorant worked quite well for me the Spinz Exotic deo was not even half as impressive as it promised. The Spinz Exotic deo was moderately priced at Rs190. The biggest led down was probably the fragrance of this deo. Not only did it feel funny to call this a “perfume deo” but the fact that there was no detectable fragrance at all made me feel like I was cheated. On the application of a large volume of the deo the little detectable scent that developed was highly insufficient to feel fresh. The fragrance was so mild my own scent easily masked it. Hence on a not so sweaty day as well the deo never lasted longer than an hour or so. The promise of 24 hours long-lasting fragrance is nothing more than a joke. However, this could just be because of my body scent is stronger than some people. Also maybe on a less humid day, the scent might actually show better results. But somehow in my geographical location humidity is a part of the daily weather so this deo was never enough for me.

  • Emami Keshking Shampoo

emami kesh king

Emami kesh king shampoo is apparently clinically tested to reduce hair fall. That is what the commercial said anyway. Impressed by the promises made in the commercials I decided to buy his shampoo to deal with my hair fall problems. The shampoo had promised to reduce hair fall with visible results within weeks. Another quality of the shampoo that attracted me was the all-natural ingredients. The first disappointment of this shampoo was when I went through the ingredients of the shampoo. To my surprise, it had a number of chemicals like Sodium Lauryl ether and others. To be honest my first experience with this shampoo was not very disappointing. I could see a visible change in the rate of hair fall with the first wash. However, after a few weeks of regular use, the shampoo lost efficiency. My hair started falling at an alarming rate. Although at first, the shampoo seemed impressive it was unfit for longer use.

  • Elle 18 matte pop berry bestie lipstick:

Elle 18 Berry Bestie Lipstick

Unlike the previously mentioned products this product met most of its expectations but lacked a few essential features. For products like lipsticks, foundation, etc every individual has a priority list of features. One may feel that the longevity of lipsticks is more essential than comfort. The lipstick had a rich texture and was very moisturizing but the only reason it didn’t work for me was that it failed the test of time. It was not smudged proof or waterproof. So on an average day, I had to apply my lipstick a number of times just to achieve the desired look. To add to this if you eat wearing this lipstick you can be sure to have smudged lips. For a busy work schedule, this is one of the worst choices to make products.

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