How to Use Makeup to Hide Stretch Marks ?

by Prachi Khanna

How to Use Makeup to Hide Stretch Marks? Stretch marks don’t always require covering it with clothes and clothes, especially when some occasion comes and you have no other choice to hide it. In today’s time, wearing off-shoulder tops, swimsuits expose the stretch marks around your arms, legs, and, butt. Using makeup in one way to hide it, and using proper techniques to do so will help you to wear whatever you wish to like. Here are some tricks that you can follow and change your lifestyle:

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  1. Choose the correct makeup-

As your facial ton is different from your body tone, make sure you find the correct shade according to your body and not your face tone. Choose makeup that is waterproof which is usually alcohol based, so that your makeup doesn’t get washed away if you go swimming or in rain or when you sweat.

The makeup products you need are concealer, foundation, and finishing powder. For concealer, choose a heavy one if your marks are prominent so they are covered properly and won’t show through foundation. You can also buy a lighter and a darker shade to blend them together for an exact match to your skin. This would cover the stretch marks but it cannot change the texture of your skin.

  1. Using a lightening cream-

Lightening cream can help decrease the appearance of stretch marks. This is a long process and it doesn’t happen overnight. Apply this before sleeping and before applying makeup. This helps in lightening the stretch marks which are darker in the first place.

  1. Choose the correct application method-

To apply the concealer, use a paintbrush and paint inside the line. You have to cover the stretch marks not the surrounding skin. To blend and even the concealer out, use a clean beauty blender.

Then apply foundation on top of the concealer in the same manner. Then with a powder brush, put a little amount of finishing powder to set it. After this, use a mattifying spray and spray over the makeup to keep it longer. You can also put body glitter all over your body for proper concealment and a dramatic effect.

  1. Self-tanners-

This is the easiest way to hide your stretch marks. Put and rub the self-tanner on your body with a brush or hands in a circular motion so that the area is completely covered. Don’t only apply self-tanner to your stretch marks as you will make them more noticeable. Make sure you apply all over your body, even in healthy areas.

  1. Exfoliate your skin-

This method will make your skin appear smoother and tighter and will remove the dead cells. Use body scrubs every morning before applying makeup to cover your stretch marks. Preferably use a body scrub that is made up of caffeine.

  1. Essential oils-

Putting essential oil will hide stretch marks as well as heal them. This when applied in the early stage of stretch marks and help them to disappear and prevents the scars to deepen. Pregnant women who just entered their second trimester should start putting essential oils on their thighs, bellies, and breasts.

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