Kolam Designs with Dots and All You Need to Know!

by Ritika Singhi
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What is a kolam design?

Kolam designs are one of the prettiest and widely used drawings on the floor right at the entrance of the house. Kolam is drawings which are done using a mix of rice flour, chalk powder or rock powder. The chalk powder or rock powder can be natural or colored. You must also make sure that the outline of the kolam designs is done using chalk.

What is the main attribute of kolam designs?

While kolam designs are drawings you must make sure that they are done keeping the geometrical shapes in mind. The design of kolam can be anything but it shall have a geometrical look.

Which states are popular for kolam designs?

Kolam designs are widely found in the southern states which include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. It is also found in some parts of Goa and Maharashtra. Apart from the country, you can also find the kolam designs in countries like Indonesia, Maldives and Srilanka.

What are the different designs for kolam?

While there are a large number of designs which can be done for kolam, I am listing down a few interesting and different kolam designs below:

  1. Floral kolam designs

Floral kolam designs 

Image Credit : Pinterest

The floral kolam designs are common and every design is different. You can have a unique floral design every time. You can pick a design according to your preference and enhance it using natural or colored powders. It is always refreshing to see a different kolam design.

  1. Birds kolam design

Birds kolam design

Image Credit : Simple Rangoli

Kolam designs with birds look extremely pretty and charming. They have a certain attraction which will definitely enhance the look of your home. You can pick the design which has a few birds or just a couple of them, depending on the ease of the drawing and the design which you like.

  1. Elephant kolam design

Elephant kolam design 

Image Credit : Pinterest

The kolam design with an elephant is different, difficult and attractive. It is a nice break from the usual kolam designs used to adorn the entrance of your house.

  1. Peacock kolam design

Peacock kolam design 

Image Credit : Rangolikolam

You will find a variety of interesting and appealing designs with a peacock for the entrance of your house. A lovely kolam design with a peacock for your house is a great idea. It looks pretty appealing. You can definitely use colored powder to give this design a much more appealing and attractive look.

  1. A maze style kolam design

A maze style kolam design 

Image Credit: ikolam

A maze style kolam design is bound to catch your attention with the kind of endless and never-ending look it has. It is also one of those kolam designs which will leave you confused. It is a great design if you want to stick to the basics and the original style of kolam design.

  1. A grid with connecting dots

    A grid with connecting dots 

    Image Credit: Pinterest

A kolam design with a grid-like structure which is connecting dots is quite scorning. The connecting dots look endless and can leave any person confused. It is the best kolam design if you want to stick to the normal kolam design and not opt for something fancy.

What is the significance of kolam design?

The kolam designs had immense significance in earlier times. Some of the significances of kolam designs have been mentioned below:

  1. Earlier, it is believed that the rice used for these designs were for ants and birds who would search for food. So it signifies welcoming everyone and taking care of everyone.
  2. It signifies wealth and prosperity.
  3. It is done for enhancing the beauty of the home. It is particularly not missed on festivals, weddings or any celebratory reasons

What shall you keep in mind while making the kolam designs?

While kolam designs are done outside the house you must realize that it can get washed away easily. So, you should always draw the design on a slightly damp floor. This will help the design in lasting a little longer than it would have.


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