How to Take Care of Weak Nails ?

by Bhumika G
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How to Take Care of Weak Nails? All of us dream to have beautiful long nails but the most annoying thing about that are the chances of them getting chipped, which leaves us with no choice other than cutting them and it takes forever to grow back to being beautiful again. Some tricks and steps that you can add to your routine to make your nails strong are listed down below.

  • Stop bending your nails:

One thing that even I am guilty of doing is bending my nails. This makes the bent parts of your nail very weak and leads to them chipping very soon.

  • Don’t do a lot of harsh work:

If you are going out on an adventure or have to do some box lifting or any harsh activities, don’t forget to cut your nails as they can cause deep wounds but if you don’t have the heart to cut them, just don’t do the lifting. You can always take help from somebody else but don’t do it yourself.

  • Avoid using alcohol based sanitizers or nail polish remover:

Alcohol makes your nails very dry by stripping out the moisture present on it. This makes your nails very weak.

How to get Long Nails?

  • Nail oil:

Nail oils help in adding some moisture to your dry nails making them strong. They provide all the nutrients that your nails require to stay strong.

  • Use gloves while washing dishes:

Dish soaps also contain a lot of chemicals which can dry out your nails, so cover your hands with a glove or any sort of protection before washing your dishes.

  • Don’t soak your hands in water a lot:

Water also makes your hands very brittle, so avoid soaking your hands in water a lot. Don’t do any work when you have come right out of the shower or did some work which requires your hand to stay in water for long.

  • Drink water:

Drinking water is the best solution for every problem related to your body. Drink at least 2-3L of water every day.

  • Eat healthily:

Another solution to all of your health and body related problems. Provide your body with vitamin rich food items to strengthen your nails.

  • Avoid getting acrylic or gel nails:

They as well strip out the moisture present on your nails drying them out and making them weak. It also gets way more expensive to get them done every once in a while, while you can just take care of your natural nails and grow them.

  • Stop using steel filers:

Steel filers are the most widely available filers but they are very harsh for your nails. The friction can be too harsh on your nails causing breakage. Use the sandpaper type filers instead to shape your nails.


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