How to Style Boyfriend Jeans ?

by Bhumika G
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How to Style Boyfriend Jeans? Most of the people don’t buy boyfriend jeans because of the misconception of not looking good in it. Where people actually go wrong is not knowing how to style it properly. They tend to look very shabby if not styled well. Down below, I have listed down some outfit ideas with a pair of boyfriend jeans.


  • Pair it with a simple T-shirt and leather jacket:

Pair it with a simple T-shirt and leather jacket

Image Credit : Song of Style

A simple tank top or T-shirt paired with blue jeans and a leather jacket accessorized with a pair of sneakers or small boots, sunglasses and a small back-pack makes a perfect long ride or a bike trip outfit.

  • A loose sweater:


For a very casual look, pair your jeans with a loose v-neck sweater and pull the sleeves down making it an off-shoulder top. Pair them with sneakers if you want it to be more casual or heels if you want to give it a more feminine stylish look. Carry a sling bag or a handbag to finish the look. It is perfect for a casual outing with friends. You can even pair this outfit with boots to make them look edgier.

  • Cropped hoodie:

Cropped hoodie:

Image Credit :

Again, a very casual look for a day out with friends. Pair this outfit with some sneakers and a small backpack. This can be acute back to school outfit as well.

  • A levis or any branded T-shirt:

boyfriend jeans levis tee

Image Credit :Pinterest

The brand name does the job. Just in-shirt for the T-shirt and pair them with sneakers and a sling bag. You can even wear this outfit for a picnic by adding a cap to the outfit.

  • A black netted top and bralette:

A black netted top and bralette:

Image Credit : WhereToGet.It

You can mostly just think of very casual outfit ideas with boyfriend jeans, but pairing it up with a black netted top and a pretty bralette can give you a very flirty and yet comfortable outfit. Pair them up with a pair of stilettoes and a clutch and you are ready to go.

  • A white button shirt made off-shoulder:

A white button shirt made off-shoulder:

Image Credit : Poshmark

The new trend that a lot of bloggers have been following is to make their plain and simple button down shirt into an off-shoulder top. This majorly transforms the whole look. Paired with a statement belt, huge pair of earrings and any footwear of your liking (as it can go with anything), you are going to get a very trendy and stylish look with this combination.

  • A long over-coat:

A long over-coat:

Image Credit :Meagan’s Moda

Pair this look with a simple t-shirt and a long over-coat. It is a very simple yet trendy look. This look can be worn for breakfasts or lunches. Pair them with a pair of boots and a sling bag.

  • Black tube top:

How to Style Boyfriend Jeans ?

Image Credit : Pinterest

A very classy look that you can go for during meetings or office parties, just any sort of formal event. Pair this look with a statement bag piece and a pair of huge earrings. Pair it up with whatever footwear you would like (as it goes with anything) preferably sneakers or heels.

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