How to Make Beautiful Wall Hanging with Bangles ?

by Ritika Singhi
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How to Make Beautiful Wall Hanging with Bangles? There are a number of beautiful things which we use to decorate and enhance the beauty of our home. While there are a number of interesting and appealing wall hangings which you can make at home, one of the most interesting and colorful ones would be with bangles. You can make some wonderful wall hanging pieces for decoration of your home using bangles. They are different and look extremely pretty. There are a number of wonderful bangle decoration accessories which can be used for the decoration of your home. Some of these are mentioned below.

  1. Wall hanging clock with bangles

Wall hanging clock with bangles

Image Credit : Pinterest

A clock is a basic requirement for your home. It is an accessory which we all need at our homes. You can have a wonderful and extremely different clock with a frame made from bangles. The old and unwanted bangles can be used to make a wonderful frame for your clock. It will be a beautiful and an eye-catching wall hanging the piece for your home. It will definitely stand out from the other clocks at home or outside.

  1. Hanging Wreath

Hanging Wreath

Image Credit : Pinterest

A wreath is a wonderful way in which you can use to decorate the wall of your home. You will come across a wide range of lovely wreaths for different seasons and occasions. You can choose to make an amazing wreath using bangles. There will be different designs and looks for the wreath and it will look absolutely lovely. It will be a very unique wall hanging accessory for your home.

  1. Musical Windchime

Musical Windchime

Image Credit : Pinterest

Wind chimes have a look and beauty of their own and it certainly can’t be matched or replaced by any other home decoration piece. It is always a great idea to explore and try something new and different. You can be extremely different by making and using a wind chime made of bangles. It will be a very different and unique wind chime for your home. You can hang it in the wall near the window or suspend it from the ceiling.

  1. Multicolor lamp

Multicolor lamp

Image Credit :craftsbazaar

Most of us use wall lamps at home and it is a great way to illuminate our homes. It is usually a great struggle to pick something different in lamps and make it stand out in a room filled with decoration pieces. You can pick a wonderful lamp which made of colored bangles. It not only looks and illuminates the room beautifully, it helps in giving your entire home a new look. The wall on which it is placed also gets a new look.

  1. Hanging bangle photo frame

Hanging bangle photo frame

Image Credit : Sapna Creations

We all use photo frames at our homes. You can make some wonderful and extremely appealing and interesting photo frames using bangles. They look vibrant and enhance the beauty of our home. You can be extremely creative while making these for your home.

  1. Bangle accessories using wool

Bangle accessories using wool

Image Credit: Osaka Crafts

A combination of wool and bangles works wonderfully for the decoration of your home. The walls get a new and refreshing look. You can use different things made from wool and use them for making exceptional hanging decorations for the wall of your home.

Why should you use bangles for the decoration of the walls?

There are a number of interesting reasons to use bangles for wall decorations. Some of these are mentioned below:

  1. It is a great way to use unwanted bangles
  2. It creates something new and different
  3. A great way to boost your creativity

Can you use bangle wall hanging decorations for specific occasions?

I feel wall hanging decorations for a particular occasion work wonderfully. They add a new feel and life to the occasion. You can use bangles for the following hanging decorations:

  1. For weddings, you can create wonderful and colorful chandeliers. They look absolutely gorgeous and enhance the look of the location.
  2. For Diwali, you can use bangle holders for placing your diya. It visually enhances the look of the diya and the manner in which it illuminates the surroundings.
  3. For theme parties, you can create wall arts and hangings using the bangles

These are a few wonderful ways for using bangles for the wall hanging decorations. You will simply love the new and unexplored look of the bangles.


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