How to Darken Henna on Hands and Feet ?

by Bhumika G
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How to Darken Henna on Hands and Feet? One of the few main things people look out for festive seasons are to apply henna on our hands but a lot of us suffer with the henna stain not being dark enough. This happens because of our body temperature, people with warmer bodies tend to get a darker stain while people with a cooler body don’t.

Pro tip:

  1. One misconception that people tend to have is that leaving the henna on your hands for longer will help in the stain becoming darker. The stain transfer happens in about 3-4 hours. It is not really necessary to keep the henna on your hands for more than that amount of time.
  2. Learn how long it takes your henna to show well. For some people, henna becomes dark after 2 days while for some, it is the darkest on the first day. Know how your skin reacts to henna and schedule your dates accordingly.
  3. Don’t get any waxing or any sort of beauty treatment done to the areas where you have henna applied as they might start to come off or reduce color because of the treatments.
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Down below I have listed down some tricks to help in achieving a darker henna stain:
  • Zandu balm:

There are a lot of balms available in the market for head ache purpose, apply a generous amount of this balm on your hand a few hours before application of the henna. Wipe it off before the application. The balm helps in bringing up some heat from your body on to your hands. This will help in getting a darker stain. You can even apply this after washing of your henna.

  • Clean your hands:

Wash your hands really well before applying henna to ensure there is no moisturizer or hand cream residue present on your hands before application so that your pores are clean and can absorb the stain better.

  • Eucalyptus oil:

After wiping off the balm that you have applied, don’t apply any other cream or ointment. Most of the henna designers apply eucalyptus oil onto your palms before applying henna, if just in case, the person you are going to doesn’t do that, you do it yourself prior going to the store. Apply a small amount of the oil (it must not be dripping wet) and then get your design done.

  • Lemon and sugar mixture:

This is the most popular trick that is known in every household. Prepare some sugar syrup and add some lemon drops to it. Take a cotton pad and dab it around your henna design after about 1 hour of application. Wait for 2-3 hours before washing it off. The mixture helps in deeper penetration of the stain and helps in keeping the henna in contact with the skin even once it dries off (as it starts to fall of once it is dry)

  • Heat some cloves:

It is said that letting your hands absorb the steam produced by boiling water which contains cloves helps in achieving a darker stain. Keep some water to boil and add a few cloves to the boiling water. Let the water start to steam up and keep your hands near the steam letting it absorb into your skin.



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