How to Blend Eyeshadows Perfectly ?

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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How to Blend Eyeshadows Perfectly? Eyeshadows are magic products when it comes to eye makeup. With eyeshadows, we can create a balance between light and shadow to give our eye contour the desired shape. Clever use of eyeshadow can make deep-set eyes look wide-set, small eyes bigger, round eyes elongated. You can even hide your minor pigmentation with proper use of eyeshadows. Blending is the heart and soul of any beautiful eye makeup. That is the reason every makeup artist puts emphasize on the proper blending of colors while creating any eye look. Blending is also the point that clearly shows the difference between a rookie makeup lover and a pro. If you want to create a perfectly blended eyeshadow look then these are the step you should follow.

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Golden Tips to Blend Eyeshadows

  1. Create a Perfect Base

Our eyelid skin is either oily or dry in nature. Unless you have a perfect base on the lids, the shadows will definitely cling to the oily areas and look patchy. Blending becomes easy-peasy with primed eyelids. Priming also increases lasting power and pigmentation of eyeshades to a good extent. To prime eyelids, use a little bit of eye primer on the lids and set it with either bone-colored eye shadow or a regular setting powder. Concealers are also great for priming eyelids.

  1. Choose Proper Colours & Finish

If you don’t want to end up with disco ball eyes or panda looks, choose eyeshadows according to your makeup look and skin undertone. When you want to create a colored smokey eye or a cut crease look, use 1-2 eye shadows with slightly deeper tones than your complexion for bringing gradient and blending deeper colors seamlessly. For warm undertone people, warm browns, mauve browns, and sunset yellows are perfect for blending. For cool undertones, chocolate browns, grey-browns look really pretty.

  1. Avoid Shimmer Shadows & Use Matte finish Ones

Always use matte shadows for blending. Satin finish or shimmer finish eye shadows have a tendency to cling to the skin and they are hard to blend out. If the eye shadow is powdery then the shade will have more fallout and you will be left with ashy looking eyes.

  1. Select Brushes as per Your Eye Shape & Lid Space

Dome-shaped fluffy round brushes are best for blending eyeshadows. The density of the brushes will decide how much shadow it will deposit. Ideally, a blended up makeup look will require one fluffy and one slightly denser blending brush big eyes. On monolid eyes or smaller eyes, there is not much lid space. So, the brushes need to be smaller.

  1. Learn Correct techniques

While blending eyeshadows we don’t want to put lots of color to the lid. We just want to create a blurred edge kind of finish. Hold the end part of the brush handle and apply the least amount of pressure for crease blending. For outer-V blending hold the middle part of the handle as we want slightly more control to define the outer-V.

Steps for Blending Eyeshadow

  1. Begin with filling the eyebrows and then prime the eyelids.
  2. Select 4 eyeshadows to create a gradient eyeshadow look. First, select the theme color for the eye look. It can be satin, matte or shimmery. Then choose a deep eyeshadow in the same tone or just a neutral black or deep brown for outer-V. Now choose two blending shadows; one slightly darker than your skin tone and the other one should be in between the first blending shadow and outer-V shade.
  3. Take the lighter blending color in a fluffy blending brush and apply it on and over the crease. Use windshield-swipe motion and small circular motion in the back-and-forth way for blending. Add in more color if needed.
  4. Now take the deeper blending color in a slightly denser blending brush and define the crease with it using the same blending techniques as before. This color should stay in the crease.
  5. Take a flat brush and apply the lid color on the inner 2/3rd of the lid and using the denser blending brush apply the deepest eyeshadow in the outer-V.
  6. Blend all the shades with a fluffier blending brush and lightest blending color.
  7. Highlight brow bone and inner corner of eyes with a shimmery highlighter shadow to finish the look.
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