How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle?

by Prachi Singh
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How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle? There is a lot of misconception about the intake of protein. The most common one would be – gym freaks only need protein. That’s the lamest one I have heard yet.

  1. Your body needs protein even if you are not doing any physical activity. An average body burns 1300 cal every day.
  2. Even if you spend all day doing just the needful movement, still you would need – (.8-1) gms of protein/kg of your body weight.

How Much Protein Is Needed To Build Muscle?

How much protein is needed to build muscle?

Now you can’t build muscles solely by consuming a certain amount of protein. You really need to get involved into physical activities and weight training to gain muscle. Proteins just repair your broken muscles and heal your body that get broken in the rigorous activity.

Here is a simple calculation of how much protein you should consume:-

 If you are a beginner in weight training

Step1 – You must first find out your ideal weight as per BMI, Let’s suppose your ideal weight is 50kgs.

Step2 – Now convert your ideal body weight in lbs that is, POUNDS (1kg = 2.205 pounds).

Step 3 – 50 kgs is 110 lbs, Now you should ideally consume 110 grams of protein to gain muscles. 1lbs = 1gram of protein

If you have trained for 4-6 months

then you can increase the ratio to 1lbs = 1.3 grams. Given, your level of training should also increase with time.

Now extremely active individuals

can go for 1lbs = (1.5-2)grams of proteins in a day.

Please Keep in Mind :

  1. Consuming 2 grams of proteins per lbs is advisable only for individuals who have trained for 5-6 years.
  2. Also, do keep in mind that you do not consume more than 40 grams of protein in one sitting.
  3. Ideally, you should consume protein in morning break fast, post work out and before you sleep.
  4. When you consume protein in morning breakfast it gives your muscles the fuel to pull for the day.
  5. Post work consuming protein repairs broken muscles because of which you don’t loose muscle weight.
  6. During sleep, your body heals, and that is why you must consume protein before sleep.
  • The key to take protein in a healthy way is to keep your body hydrated. Keep sipping water all day, your urine should be clear, a little tinge of yellow is still fine. But not more than that, at least consume 4-5 lts of water;
  • Remember more protein doesn’t means more muscles. You need to calculate the right amount as per the ratio advised;
  • If you don’t consume protein as per your training level and body weight then you will end up losing muscles which at the end will make you gain weight quick or result in kidney stones;
  • On days when your are not training consume only maintenance amount of protein;

Listen to your body, your body speaks to you in a lot many ways before it actually collapses. Even after consuming the right amount of protein you feel bit uneasy, then you must see a doctor.


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