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Dr.Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash Review

by Elakkiyaa Sre

Who is it recommended for? Dr. Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash is for anyone who wants to acquire a fairer looking skin with a healthy complexion. This product is suitable for all skin types.

Dr.Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash

Price and quantity:-

Rs. 199 for 100 g.

How to use?

Take required amount of quantity in your palm. Lather in a circular motion. Rinse with water.

My experience with Dr.Batra’s Instant Glow Face Wash


Dr.Batra’s face wash is packed in a neat and travel- friendly tube packaging.


It has a very mild and pleasant fragrance.

Colour and consistency:-

The product is golden yellow in color with dark orange colored turmeric beads. It is very thick and runny in consistency.

My experience with Dr.Batra’s face wash:-

My experience with this product was very good. It made my skin appear healthy and glowing. It is an all in one product for fairness.

What did I like about this product?
  1. Good packaging
  2. The amount of content inside it is also considerable.
  3. The color of the product is very beautiful and best for a morning wash.
  4. Skin friendly
  5. Free from Sulphate, silicon, and soap.
  6. Repair facial skin damages caused by sun and other pollutants.
  7. No side- effects.
  8. Works better on sensitive and acne -prone skin too.
What I disliked about this product?
  1. Gets foamy only when more quantity is applied.
  2. Frequent application is required for visible results.
Would you recommend or repurchase?

Yes, I would recommend or repurchase this product.



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