Don’t Miss Stocking on these Winter Fashion Staples !

by Sreeparna Ganguly
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To most of us, the autumn-winter fashion is the most gorgeous one out of all seasonal fashion ideas. That might be because we don’t have the chance to enjoy a breezy summer In India. Summer brings too much heat and humidity here. Comfort always wins against the trend in our summer wardrobe. Most of our winter wardrobe ideas come from autumn-winter fashion created by stylists from various parts of the world. However, we Indians often like to add our personal touch here and there instead of copying celebrity fashion trends. Here are a few staple wardrobe essentials without which our winter lookbook feels incomplete.

Winter Fashion Staples

# Fitted Denim

A perfectly fitted pair of jeans is definitely a must-have in your winter wardrobe. This is the one piece of clothing that not only sorts your style game in one go but feels comfortable as well. If you love those oversized baggy jeans then it’s a different matter but this winter fitted denim is rocking the show. Denim is available in various colors and washes. Look for darker pair of jeans if you want to have a more polished look while the lighter washes and ribbed ones look chic with semi-formal or go-to looks.

# Merlot Sweatshirt

Sweaters and sweatshirts an absolute staple if you want to spend winter in a chic yet comfy way. Sweatshirts with loose fit are best for day-outs or casual events while cold shoulder, fitted or turtle necks give more of a party vibe to your whole look. Look for deeper fall colors such as merlot, wine burgundy, wild green, charcoal and pair it up with straight length fitted jeans and a long monochromatic trench coat or winter jacket.

# Winter jackets

Winter jackets are like an evergreen fashion trend that makes a grand return every year with slight variations in cuts and fits. Leather finish, faux leather jackets or even biker jackets look quite feminine and classy. Winter jackets are both comfy as well as stylish. You can pair it with a simple sweatshirt or you can try those fusion cold shoulder flare dresses with them. Gender-neutral winter jackets are a must for the winter wardrobe.

# Black Boots

Without a nice pair of black boots winter wardrobe is not complete at all. This is the kind of thing that looks classy and goes with almost everything in your closet. Plus, they never go out of fashion. There are multiple options to opt for when it comes to black boots. You can buy a simple flat black boot or a suede stiletto black number. Try not to buy embellished ones because if the specific style goes out of trend next year, you have to buy a new pair!

# Monochromatic Oversized Long Dresses

Coming out of the typical autumn colors like oxblood or browns, try something with colors this winter. Monochromatic outfits with long length and loose fit are reigning the fashion parade this winter. Don’t go all the way to black or white, try saturated colors like rust orange, burnt red, mauve purple or olive. If you feel uncomfortable with such bright colors, go for muted wine or brown beige instead. Accessories with accented colors will look fantastic with these dresses.

# Fit and Flare Dress with Darker Floral Notes

Comfort is the first thing in winter fashion and nothing can be more comforting than a comfy fit and flare dress that hugs your body at the correct places and blurs the weak points like a bloated belly! Experiment with floral prints this winter with muted tones and warm colours like ocher or rust. You can style it with fitted denim or even a legging of deeper shades of browns or olives. Do carry a poncho or rug muffler to bring out the winter vibes. You can even take a corset belt to highlight your curves.

# Backpacks for Women

Fall fashion is just not about the outfits; it also involves the accessories with which you pair those outfits. Backpacks for women are the best handheld accessory for fall fashion. These leather or faux leather backpacks come with a variety of finishes and colors. Try to go in the same tone with the outfit; just a little dark. Depending on the look you want; choose the size of your backpack accordingly. Backpacks for women are far more spacious than regular handbags and you can keep both your hands-free!

# Shawls

Poncho was trending the winter fashion for the last few years but this time it is about shawls. Make it a point to take out the old-gold cashmere from your mom’s closet and use it in place of mufflers. You can even wear it with a thin leather belt for a boho look.

# Beanie & Baker Boy

These two hats made a glorious comeback this year and it seems like every fashion fanatic needs to keep at least one knitted beanie or swede baker boy handy. You don’t need to experiment with color or cuts. Just a simple monochrome hat will be enough with universal colors like yellow-brown or wild green.

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