Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion Review

by Somya Agarwal
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Who is it for? Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion is for someone who is looking for something like a toner or a cleansing lotion.


INR 155-/ for 100ml.

Sensitivity Alert?


How to Use?

The packaging says “Mix me with Tan Removing Face pack to make a paste. Apply evenly on face and neck, and leave on for 15-20 minutes, Wipe or rinse off gently with water.”

I used it as a cleanser by pouring it on a cotton pad and with my face packs.

Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion 1

My experience with Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion

Packaging :

It comes in a plastic bottle. The bottle is not completely spill proof. The packaging is not very good.


The brightening lotion is transparent and the consistency is very runny just like water.


It has a very strong smell. Somehow I really don’t like the smell of this product, it is very strong and weird.

Ease of Application:

This is a lotion but cannot be used as a lotion because of its runny consistency. I used it as a toner and also with my face packs.


It definitely cleanses your skin but I didn’t notice any great change in my skin after using this product.

My Experience :

First of all, the packaging says it is a “lotion”. Lotions are slightly thicker in consistency but this product is runny like water. So it definitely cannot be used as a lotion.

This product is free from parabens, harsh chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrance and color. It definitely cleanses your skin but I didn’t notice any brightening effect on my skin. It also feels a little sticky on the skin.

It feels like an alternative to rose water.

Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion

Overall Performance of Aroma Magic Brightening Lotion:

I didn’t really like this product. It has a very strong and weird smell that I didn’t like. It has a very runny consistency. It did not show any significant changes in my skin.

Pros :

  1. Free from parabens, harsh chemicals, alcohol, artificial fragrance, and color.
  2. Cleanses skin.

Cons :

  1. Has a runny consistency.
  2. The packaging is not spill proof.
  3. Strong and weird smell.
  4. Feels sticky.
  5. No brightening effect on the skin.

Would I repurchase or recommend it?

Definitely a no. I didn’t like this product at all. You could purchase rose water instead.

Rating:  2/5.

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