Floral Play

Floral Play 2
There was a time when floral dresses were called cheap and people who wore them called “behenji’s”. Ha-ha lol! Hey, girls! Do you think the same? I don’t. Floral patterns are actually stunning and on trend nowadays. Did you know? In the recent launch of an H&M store at Inorbit Hyderabad, people who wore floral were given discount vouchers worth Rupees. 2000. This was really awesome but unfortunately, my exams didn’t let me attend the inauguration. Still, I possess five to six floral pattern dresses. When you go to Neeru’s store, you can everywhere see floral pattern dresses. Though they ... { Continue Reading }

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review

Jovees Almond Lip Care Review
I love a gooooood lip balm and let me tell you I’m not easily pleased when it comes to lip balms. I have high expectations from it – I expect it not to smudge or spread around and become all oily, I crave for a good fragrance to keep hitting my nostrils every time  I take a whiff, I expect it to moisturize well and I want it to make me give a good feel of my lips. Now there are a number of lip balms in the market, each claims to be the best of its kind but not ... { Continue Reading }

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer Review

Innisfree No Sebum Blur Primer
Earlier this month I came across Innisfree and was impressed by it's all natural ingredients and eco-friendly approach to nature. I tried two of its lipsticks and they instantly became my favorites. I was eager to try more of its products, and since I was looking for an affordable daily use primer at the time, I thought of looking into Innisfree Primers. Innisfree offers three mineral color correcting primers, and one no sebum blur primer. Since I have extremely oily skin, they had me at ‘no-sebum’. I also heard that people were calling this a ‘Benefit Porefessional’ dupe and since ... { Continue Reading }

B Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink Review

B Blunt One Night Stand Temporary Hair Colour Blush Pink Review 2
I love brightening up my outfits with color; I feel they add so much pizzazz to one’s outfit. I had wanted to color my hair for the longest time, however like any girl with jet black hair feared that all the bleaching and dyeing would wreak havoc on my hair. Furthermore, being a regular swimmer I was scared that coloring my hair would really bring down the quality of my hair.  I have been a huge fan of B: colourBlunt products and came across this one a while back, and decided to try it out. Being a temporary option, I ... { Continue Reading }

The Perfect Haircut for Every Face Shape

The Perfect Haircut for Every Face Shape 11
Tired of same old boring haircut- are you? Well, well, why don’t try these amazing hairstyles for your next visit to the salons? But first thing first, do you know what is you’re the best hairstyle according to your face shape? Umm… no idea, right? I can help you in this. But first let me tell you different face shapes and the celebrities on whom these hairstyles have worked very well. Different Face Shapes: What happens with most of us is, we believe that there are like two shapes that are oval and round. You need to pump up your ... { Continue Reading }

Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking !!

Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking
Picture this. It's mid afternoon. You are done with the lunch and the dinner seems like ages away. Or suddenly the weather becomes cozy, it begins to rain outside and you get that craving for something yummy! It is during these times, that we reach for satisfaction to tickle our taste buds. Either you can really binge and regret later, or have something healthy and yummy without any regrets later on 😉         Snacking is not bad at all! In fact, healthy snacking has loads of benefits!     #1 Healthy snacking prevents binge eating and ensures ... { Continue Reading }

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review + Habib’s Hair Tips for Summer

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 5
Hello, girls! Hope you all are doing well! I regularly see people posting different kinds of products on this website and thus, today I want to introduce to you all something different from the regular reviews I post. This is the silk and shine hair serum. This product is a proprietary of the very famous Jawed and Habib's hair stylists. Unlike the traditional oils which are used to keep your hair smooth and shiny, this serum is the perfect fit for you if you want to protect your hair as well as give a shine to it. Basic Info about ... { Continue Reading }

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