Maybelline Volum’ Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara in Very Black Review

Maybelline Volum' Express the Falsies Waterproof Mascara in Very Black Review 1
I have been obsessed with big lashes ever since I was a child! I think Disney is responsible for this 😛 Minnie mouse, Daisy Duck, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White  , Jasmine…all of them had such long lashes. The lashes that frame the eyes!! Sigh…I always wanted such thick luscious long lashes. These days actresses put on fake lashes, they look superb...no doubt! But who has the time to put on fake lashes every other day! Mascara, I tell you is a woman’s best friend 😉 When I saw this ‘falsies “mascara by Maybelline, I was like wow!! Let me ... { Continue Reading }

Johnson’s Baby Milk Cream Review

Johnsons baby milk cream review
I have a habit of washing my hands frequently. So as soon as I am done with washing my hands I apply a bit of hand cream, to keep them soft and moisturized. I have reviewed a high end hand cream, by Bath and Body works HERE. Then I got to thinking, what is the alternative to expensive hand creams? You will not believe what I discovered!! Read on 😀 Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Colorbar Definer Lip Liner Clear Red 001 Review

colorbar definer lip liner clear red review
I recently saw the review of Sugar Cosmetics Matte as Hell lip crayon.I thought, this colorbar definer lip liner clear red pencil will go beautifully with that! Read its review girls  😀 Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Chinese Style Vegetable Stew Recipe

vegetable stew recipe
Picture this: A cold winter evening or clouds looming outside. There is a chill in the air…the weather is cool and crisp. All you need to have a comforting meal. The recipe I bring to you today is just absolutely perfect for such times. A simple, yummy vegetable stew, that goes perfectly with rice or noodles. Grab a bowl, ladle the hot broth on and enjoy!Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Inglot Liquid Eyeliner 25 Review

inglot liquid eyeliner 25 review (3)
I am a professional makeup artist. Fortunately in my line of work, I have come across literally thousands of products. I have used a lot of both drugstore and high end brands. There is something I want to tell you guys about makeup artists. We may use a lot of products, but sometimes our makeup vanities, are much smaller than yours! This is because, we are utterly critical of any product we use. Nothing, but the best will do!!!Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Crostini Bites Recipe : The Perfect Party Snack!

Crostini Bites Recipe
After racing my head for a while, I came down to the idea of Crostini. Crostini is  an Italian appetizer, which is basically a small slice of toasted or grilled bread with various toppings! Usually you can use baguette bread to make crostini (or breads which are round/oval in shape). These small cuties are amazing to impress the guests and can be presented beautifully too! Have a look at these beauties .Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

DIY Tomato Pack and Scrub for Tan

DIY Tomato Pack Review (3)
Today I am sharing a basic yet very effective homemade face pack for instant glow. I am not saying that it will completely transform your skin but yes the results are amazingly visible. I often use this whenever I have impromptu movie or dinner plans. The best thing I like about this pack is that it is very convenient to make and the ingredients used are always handy.Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

A Guide to Step by Step Stages of Doing Makeup

step by step guide
Hello Girls! Today I am listing down the exact steps you need to follow,to do your makeup beautifully 🙂 Consider this as your check list 😉 If you want-take a printout of this and paste it in your room! Follow these all stages,and you will have long lasting and flawless makeup!Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Stainiac by the Balm Lip and Cheek Stain Review

stainiac review (5)
Blush! Ah who doesn’t love that? I am sure every one of us would love to have a natural blush. But alas very few of us are gifted with one. So the rest of us stack our dressers with blushes. These days not only in color, but we have variety in the base as well. The varieties are cream based, powder based and gel based. Today I will be reviewing a gel like cheek and lip stain which is called Stainiac by The Balm.Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

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