Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking !!

Snackible : Indulge in Some Healthy Snacking
Picture this. It's mid afternoon. You are done with the lunch and the dinner seems like ages away. Or suddenly the weather becomes cozy, it begins to rain outside and you get that craving for something yummy! It is during these times, that we reach for satisfaction to tickle our taste buds. Either you can really binge and regret later, or have something healthy and yummy without any regrets later on 😉         Snacking is not bad at all! In fact, healthy snacking has loads of benefits!     #1 Healthy snacking prevents binge eating and ensures ... { Continue Reading }

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review + Habib’s Hair Tips for Summer

Habibs Silk And Shine Hair Serum Review 5
Hello, girls! Hope you all are doing well! I regularly see people posting different kinds of products on this website and thus, today I want to introduce to you all something different from the regular reviews I post. This is the silk and shine hair serum. This product is a proprietary of the very famous Jawed and Habib's hair stylists. Unlike the traditional oils which are used to keep your hair smooth and shiny, this serum is the perfect fit for you if you want to protect your hair as well as give a shine to it. Basic Info about ... { Continue Reading }

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Pack Review

Himalaya Fairness Kesar Pack Review 3
If you do not go to the salon every now and then, face packs are here to save you. And what better than having a face pack which is from Himalaya! The cherry on the cake right? I do not support the fact of having fairer skin, but if something helps you to get rid of tan then why not. Kesar and turmeric are well known for their good qualities and they nourish your skin make it glow.You can see the review of Himalaya Fairness cream HERE. So today I will be reviewing this face pack. Let’s see if it ... { Continue Reading }

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Review

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil Review 4
I am a total skincare junkie that is no secret 😉 As a child, I saw too many women look at themselves in the mirror with a slight frown on their forehead; reminiscing days when their skin was radiant and beautiful. Then itself I had decided to really, and I mean Really take care of my skin. To avoid that frown later on?  🙂 Being a beauty blogger (ugh, labels –what to do); I have used a million skin care products and more. It’s very rare that a product manages to impress me now. A month ago, I started using ... { Continue Reading }

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review

Blue Heaven Walk Free Lipstick LP 22 Review 6
Hi ladies, This time I am here with a most wanted product. A good lipstick shade is all we need to look pretty; lipsticks do not only make us look pretty but our shades say a lot about our personality. I had a tough time selecting this perfect one, Blue heaven walk free lipstick 22 is a nude pink creamy textured lipstick, it can go with any skin tone, and the shade is neither too dark nor too light. It’s good to be used regularly during college, office as well as can be applied for parties during day and night ... { Continue Reading }

The Blue Tank Maxi Slit Dress

The Blue Tank Maxi Slit Dress 5
Check out another #lotd/#ootd from me. A simple,elegant and very wearable dress ..for that perfect day out on the beach! Continue Reading---> ... { Continue Reading }

Yardley London Morning Dew Refreshing Body Spray Review

Yardley London Morning Dew Refreshing Body Spray Review 5
Nothing is more memorable than a smell. No matter what the occasion is, if you wear a good perfume, you automatically become more attractive. Apart from reflecting good hygiene practices, it makes you feel confident. A good perfume becomes a pre-requisite, especially during summers. It is the final touch of your style so make sure you do not compromise with it. Let your fragrance seduce guys. After all, who doesn’t want boys going crazy after them? I have always been very picky and concerned about my fragrances. They way you smell makes a huge difference. I was fortunate enough to ... { Continue Reading }
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